Chaos and Hope

“Mean people suck.” I used to have this sticker on my guitar case, a sticker that came with the case. I don’t think I ever really got it, but I do now, and lately, I’ve been thinking it should have read “People suck.” However, there is light…. Today, our daughter, Ceci, graduated from high school. […]

Transdisciplinary…in Action

The PYP is a transdisciplinary program, and in theory, that’s all fine. The themes are transdisciplinary in nature, and you can see how a PE unit, a Mathematics unit, Visual Arts, etc… can all work together on the themes and descriptors. In practice it’s a lot more challenging. Over the last few years, We’ve been […]

PYPX: Begins Again

New school from the last PYP Exhibition. Completely different environment. Totally different teachers and students. It’s time to begin again. I like the PYP Enhancements and the IB’s explicit understanding that schools are at different places in their PYP journey.  The degree to which students are engaged with planning and implementing their exhibition depends on the […]

Teaching for Better Humans

I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts the other day, “Ted Radio Hour,” and came across an episode about “Teaching for Better Humans.” What I heard resonated with me and resonates with why I am passionate about the IB mission and its philosophy. What the podcast and Ted speakers were talking about was […]

The Visual POI

As a follow up from the last post about our the POI review…we are done. Well, done enough for now. With freedom granted from the IB with the enhancements, I took some time to think through a design for our POI. I focused on each grade level with two ideas driving the design: more emphasis […]

All encompassing POI Review

Tis the season of concerts, end of year celebrations, moving up ceremonies, musicals and at the same time wrapping your head around the heart of the school–curriculum. In this our second year of reviewing the POI, I’m still getting my head around it but after weeks of intensive work on analyzing our POI and more […]