End of Year Reflection

Our principal asked us to reflect at the end of the year, which I thought was a great thing. Of course, I think we should be reflecting all of the time as teachers, but as a wrap-up, it’s nice to put it in writing. Here goes: What have I learned this year: Through a lot […]

My Kids Suck at Inquiry

Someone mentioned this and the other day, and I laughed, along with others, because it feels true so much of the time. However, on reflection, is it the kids that suck at inquiry or should we be turning the lens back on ourselves? We know that kids are natural born inquirers. Proven fact. They eat […]

Saturday School: PYP Exhibition

It’s Saturday, and I’m at home enjoying some cinnamon tea, enjoying a leisurely day. I’m planning on doing some baking later and cooking up some good vegetables. My daughter has disappeared into her room for some creative play and then has laid out some materials for painting. It’s quiet and cool inside and relaxing. Meanwhile, […]