Limiting Student Agency: Tuning In

I’ve just spent the morning in different classes and have spent some time with staff recently discussing agency and play. We are at the start of our provocations for our next unit, and the big question I have now is about how much we limit student agency–not intentionally, of course, but unintentionally. As a staff, […]

Creating a Culture of Agency

A few thoughts now on agency. In the enhanced PYP, agency is the buzzword. It’s the topic of conferences in the IB world, and it’s on everyone’s lips. I’ve just signed up to facilitate a workshop on agency later this spring and I’m proposing another one for the fall. Today, in my informal conversations with […]

New Year. New Year’s Resolution

New Year. New Year’s resolutions. I think it’s great we get to start fresh every year. It’s a random date, Jan. 1, but it offers the hope of new beginnings. My refresh resolution is to put a blog post on my calendar. As a coordinator, I schedule everything–meetings, check-ins, class visits. It can feel a […]

Refining the Programme of Inquiry

We finished refining our Programme of Inquiry a few weeks ago, and it was an interesting challenge doing this for the first time. I’ve taken part in programme of inquiry reviews as a teacher, often feeling like it was forced labor. It’s good being on this side, seeing the importance of everyone involved with a […]

It Started With A Tweet…

Originally posted on sonya terborg:
It started with a Tweet: We are looking for other single-subject teachers who would like to share in a a discussion with our teachers about transdisciplinary learning and the single-subjects. Anyone interested? Are there hastags out there for this? #pypchat #ibpyp @terSonya — Kristen Blum (@Namastececi) March 27, 2018 Kristen…

Inquiry and New Teachers

Have you ever felt a blog post coming on? That’s what often happens, and here it goes. I’ve been busy and really should just be doing other things, but the blog post, it just comes on…and here it is. I read Kath Murdoch’s post on inquiry and her questioning a statement by Visible Thinking that […]

Planning Conceptually

Dear blog…it’s been a while. New school. New country. New life to settle into. New job. I’ve started as a PYP coordinator and have jumped headfirst into the challenges in opening a new campus with new teachers and starting everyone on the road to authorization. One thing that’s helped in the transition is the support […]