Passion and teaching

Passion is what I’m thinking now as I look over my student’s first attempt at personal narratives. We’ve begun a Lucy Calkins-style writer’s workshop in class, and it always makes me excited. Every year, I have loved it when I’ve taught a writing workshop to the kids, and I always say, “why don’t I do […]

Friday and Plants

The room is becoming green with life! Students brought in their plants and have been tending them nicely although for some reason, one already has brown leaves. We’ll investigate next week. Students measured their plant growth and notes about their plants. Dan’s has 2 flowers already! We’ll continue taking care of them and checking them […]

Teaching and Discovery

It’s been a while, but time for a blog. We’re back to school again, and it’s almost as if we never left. Great group of kids again. The students always amaze me with their energy and joie de vivre. It would be hard to go back to students who don’t find school so amusing. Ceci […]

Great first week

We had a great several days in 5B. We met, talked, thought and decided things. Students worked on a self-portrait perspective drawing. We began looking at patterns in Math. We talked about “just right” books and worked as a team to come up with expectations for grade 5.  It’s going to be a great year! […]