This week in 5B

Another great week in 5B. This week, we had our first field trip to the Hamagin Science Center in Yokohama. As part of our unit, “Where we are in place in time,” students explored discoveries and inventions at the science center. They played, explored and questioned and were probably exhausted by the time they got home! See our slideshow from the science center for some fun photos.

In Math, students are continuing to solve problems and to explain their thinking. By next week, students will explain all about factors and how to find factors of a larger number. It’s challenging for students to explain their thinking, but such an important part of their learning at YIS.

Writing workshop continues with enthusiasm as we continue to find seed stories for our personal narratives. We have begun to look at magazine articles as part of the Unit of Inquiry as we gear up for our summative assessment where students will create their own magazine.

It was great to meet everyone at Back to School Night. See the team blog for the Back to School Night presentation. Happy weekend!

Hamagin Science Center on PhotoPeach


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