Typhoon Day

School is closed, and we’re waiting for the Typhoon to hit. Hope all are safe. Right now, the weather is calm, and the rain has slowed down.

For home learning today, there are several things you can do.

1. Make sure your homework and literature circle book and worksheet are completed well for tomorrow. Remember you can type your homework or print it, but it all needs to go into your homework book. You’ve got plenty of time, so it should be done well.

2. Do some Mathletics. I’ll assign another few tasks and then try out some Live Mathletics.

3. Comment on this blog post. To comment, you find the comment box under or above this post. We’ll be doing more of this, so here’s your chance to start. I’ve been wondering about typhoons. What are they? How do they work? How do they move? What will this one do? To help you, here’s a link to the Japan Meteorological site: http://www.jma.go.jp/en/typh/111524.html

You can also talk with parents, neighbors, other adults about typhoons. We want to hear what you discover. Parents, you can comment also.

Look forward to reading it all!


35 thoughts on “Typhoon Day

  1. A typhoon is a tropical cyclone (hurricane, they both mean the same thhing as typhoon) of the western pacific side of the world and the China seas. In what I understand, typhoons are sometimes slow and fast depending on how strong the wind is. This typhoon is moving slow like a bycicle. When there is a heavy typhoon, there is usually strong wind and heavy rain. In this typhoon, some places have 80 mililiter rain in 1 hour. This typhoon is slow and if the way that it moves doesn’t change, it will almost go over the whole japan. About 1 or 2 people have died from what i have heard from the news. There have already been several big landsides in japan. I hope there are not anymore landslides happening during this typhoon.

  2. this typhoon is really strong and moving like a bycicle like nyah said, there is going to be heavy rain and it is going to hit at about 7 pm im not sure but that is what i heard from the tv just now. it is probably going to hit earlyer but news is news.

  3. Typhoon is going to rock. I dare everyone to go out when the typhoon hits. Why you might ask? So you can FEEL IT’S FORCE!!!!!!!!!! And this is the 15th typhoon this year. 16 barely missed us.

  4. From what I’ve heard, typhoons form when a water mass goes up to 80 degrees or more. Usually, typhoons form over the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans.
    As Nyah said, typhoons are just another way to say hurricanes.
    The news says that this typhoon started slowly in Okinawa and is speeding up even now, and might go over to Tohoku.

  5. From what I’ve heard so far…..I have to agree with all of what Nyah had said.

    I also will go outside when the typhoon comes.

  6. According to Brainpop, Typhoons is a large swirling storm that that produces strong winds and lots of rain. Typhoon forms over the warmest parts of the ocean. When the winds coming from opposite directions meet up, they begin to rotate. The high winds kick up the ocean, causing big waves and rough seas. Then the water vapor rises quickly and adds its energy to the storm. The wind swirls faster and with much more force than before. Over time, the winds and clouds increases creating an area of low pressure in the of the storm, called the eye. In the middle, there is nothing happening. But in the circle, the rim is the most powerful part of a typhoon. Winds move the typhoon across the sea and as long as it’s over warm water, the typhoon gets stronger and stronger. The wind will push giant waves called storm surges into shore. I heard that meteorologists are constantly studying satellite images to predict where hurricanes will form, and where they’ll make contact with the land. The typhoon is going to reach to Tohoku on 9/22 12:00 in the afternoon.

  7. I like the conversation about the typhoon. Where is everyone else? Hope all stayed safe–and didn’t spend time outside. And now, if you’re reading this, you should go to bed!

  8. The typhoon left branches and a fence torn and ripped on the ground. One day the road is nice and clean, the next day it’s not. Wow.

  9. yesterday there was typhoon and the green garden fall! my dress moved because the wind was blowing.
    I thought the house will fall! The rain was so hard.

  10. a tree in front of my house got torn out from the roots and its totally down. One house where a Indian family lives there was a fence that kept their garden private and that big fence got blown down. When the typhoon hit me and my dad sat on our porch and ate salsa and chips:)

  11. My neighbors tree was leaning and it was almost sticking out on the road! I slept at ten because we wanted to pick up my dad because we were worried. My dad left work at around 3:30 but the trains had already stopped then. He got on other trains and he got closer to home. We picked him up at Minatomirai.

    I LIKE my avatar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (for those who believe its cool, don’t)

  12. ps it soooooooooo unfair cuz even though i saw a llt of people avatar i still think my avatar is the worst can we switch avatar 😦

  13. The tree was banging on my window. I was so freaked out. I thought he window will break. In the kitchen the bug screen stared to break and started to come off. I called mom. She freaked out. We took the screen from outside.When it finished we were very wet.

  14. The typhoon was really strong. The rain was raining hard and the wind was blowing really hard too. I was worried about my father. So my mom went to my dad’s office and she picked him out!
    On the television,I saw some people falling over!

  15. My window screen kept banging from side to side. I heard it in my room and thought that my window broke, so I went to my room. I saw that the tree next to my window was banging on my window and the wind was banging my screen door.

  16. When this all happend I was in CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Deven, I love MY avatar!!!!!!

    When we came home the BBQ fell over and my mom and dad picked it up!!
    I imagend it fell on my toe!!

  18. HAHAHA! Bunny Deven. My avatar rules like Suzies! You rock! You Rule! I’ve gotta admit, whinnie the pooh is better than THAT!
    Typhoon, typhoon, typhoon. I sort of want it to come again since its boring doing nothing at home…

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