Unit of Inquiry Attitudes and Skills. Comment please!

Our new unit: Who We Are

Central Idea: Recognizing similarities and differences between beliefs enables people to be global citizens.

In this new unit, these attitudes are important:

  • listening
  • respecting others
  • being open minded
  • being caring

Write a comment on this post about how each of these attitudes and skills will be important while we study this unit. Include some examples of how you will personally show these skills. We look forward to reading everyone’s.


14 thoughts on “Unit of Inquiry Attitudes and Skills. Comment please!

  1. Listening- This is important because if we miss what you are explaining, then we won’t know what to do while everyone else knows

    Respecting others- This is important because you need to work together-without disrespecting- in order to finish the task.

    Being open minded- This is important because your thoughts may help with the task that you are focusing on.

    Being caring- This is important because you need to pay attention to peoples thoughts.

  2. Ayana, I like how you word your thoughts…

    Listening is important because during this unit, we especially need others ideas and opinions for more understanding.

    Respecting others:
    Respecting others is important because you should work by yourself, or with your partner to finish on what you are doing.

    Being open minded:
    Being open minded is important because your ideas can help you with what you are working on.

    Being caring:
    Being caring is important because everyone is different. You should not laugh of others when they are sharing an opinion that helps you.

    I would like to SEE other peoples comments soon.

  3. Listening: I think this is important because we need to listen to other’s thoughts and ideas. We can learn things we didn’t know by listening to other ideas. Also, when someone finishes sharing their ideas, someone might have something to correct or add to. That’s when other people start joining in to add to the conversation.

    Respecting others: I think we need to respect other people when they are sharing ideas, and not laugh at them, or say they are incorrect.

    Being open-minded: We need to be open-minded to listen to other’s new ideas and share our thoughts.

    Being caring: We should be caring when commenting on other ideas. For example, we should not shout “BOO!!!!!” at them after they share. We should be kind and choose our words wisely, and say something like; “Yes, I think that it correct, but I would like to correct something in your second paragraph……” when we would like to add things.

    We need to be all these things in this unit, as well as in different units, depending on what the unit is about.

  4. Listening:
    I think listening is important because if you don’t listen to others, you will not know what to do or you will not learn anything about what they’re talking.

    Respecting others:
    I think respecting others is a very important thing because if you respect others, they will respect you and you will have a good time.

    Being open minded:
    I think being open minded is important because you need to think about what your doing and also you need to listen to others.

    Being caring:
    I think being caring to others is a very important thing because for example, if you laugh at other peoples ideas you will make them feel bad and that means that you are not being caring.

    So I think these things are very important to our unit and life.

  5. Listening: Listening is important because if we don`t, we don`t know the instructions and don`t know what to do. We can miss important parts too.

    Respecting others: To respect others, we shouldn`t make fun of their ideas and laugh at them. We should listen to their ideas.

    Being open-minded: If we be open-minded, we can get ideas and when we share our thoughts, we could get advices to make it our work more good.

    Being Caring: To be caring, we shouldn`t make fun of their work and we should help them when they need help.

  6. Listening-Listening is important because if we didn’t listing you cant learn any thing what they said and don’t know what to do.

    Respecting others-To respect others, we shouldn’t make fun of their ideas and not to laugh at them.

    Being caring- To be caring, we shouldn’t make fun of their work and ideas because they will be upset.

    Being open minded- Being open minded is important because we need to listen to others. When we listen we could have many ideas in your head and also share your ideas too.

  7. Listening:
    To hear and understand what somebody is saying.

    Being open-minded
    To understand what you believe is may not be true.

    Being caring:
    Respect and understand the other person’s feelings.

    Respecting others:
    To show that the other person’s belief and feelings are important to you.

  8. Listening- I think it is important because we need to listen to other peoples ideas.

    Respecting others- I think respecting others is important because if we don’t respect each other we will always be in a fight.

    Being Open Minded- I think it is important to be open minded because if we don’t be open minded we cannot accept other people’s ideas when they are sharing there great ideas.

    Being Caring- I think caring is important because when we listen to people’s ideas we need to care for them to listen.

    Showing respect- I think showing respect is the most important of the all because you need to show respect when people are telling there ideas.

  9. Listening: This is important so we all get the chance to speak and be honest about our beliefs.

    I can listen by sitting next to someone I wouldn’t want to chat with.

    Respecting Others: This is important so that we are all respected and not laughed at when we speak for what we believe in.

    I can be respecful to others by finding ways that they’re belief is similar to mine.

    Being Open Minded: This is important because that way we can understand what they’re saying better.

    I can be open minded by listening to what the person is saying and by asking good questions about they’re beliefs.

    Being Caring: This is Important because then we can trust each other with they’re strongest beliefs.

    I can be caring this by showing them my trust by complementing they’re beliefs.

    Showing Respect: This is important because this way we can all be one big community as a class.

    I can show respect by not saying anything offensive about their belief.

  10. Listening:listening is important when you don’t listen you wont know what there are talking about.

    respecting others: Respecting is important because when you don’t laugh and don’t say that the suggestion is stupid when you say bad things every one will be sad.

    being open-minded: Open-minded is important because that way we can learn new things from others.

    being caring: caring is important because if you don’t care about peoples you won’t get friend because everyone know that he doesn’t care.

    Showing respect: Respect is important because we can all communicate equaly.

  11. Listening:Listening is important for this unit so you will learn more beliefs
    and religions that you don’t know about.

    Respecting others:respecting others is important because if you offend their beliefs,
    they will start disrespecting yours.

    Being open minded: Being open minded is important so you will consider other beliefs and
    religions. If you are closed minded, you would never ever consider
    other people’s ideas. You wouldn’t even think about it, you would just
    say stuff like, I’m not even going to listen to that junk.

    Being caring: Being caring is important because if you say nice and caring things,
    like, I really want to learn more about that, can you tell me more,
    they will keep telling you more about their beliefs.

  12. Listen
    listening will be important because if we dont listen you will not know the directions of what you are going to do next.
    Respecting Others
    Its im portant to respect others because if we dont, we will not like each other and if one day you end up in the same group u will not get any work done.
    Being Open-Minded
    its important to be open-minded because if u aren`t and ur friend who ur not being open-minded to has a really good idea and you only want urs u cold have had a better lesson.
    Being Caring
    it is important to be caring because if u r not the other person may not like you and friendship is important.

    ps. megumi ur supposed to write why the subjets are important.

  13. Listening: We have to listen to other to under stand. We have to listen to others so we can help.

    respecting others: We have to rescpect others because, they might believe somthing different then what they believe and we don’t want to hurt there feelings.

    open minded: We have to be open minded to be careful what we say to other so we are not offensive or racist to them.
    being caring:We have to care and not go I don’t care what you believe i don’t.
    showing respect:We have to resect others opion even if its not what we think.

    I think its important that we are all these things because, we could effend other or make them not want to believe their belief.

    I think that I have said in the past things to change people minds in the past but friends told me not to so I did not do it any more.

  14. Listening is important because, if you aren’t listening to other friends or the teacher you will not know what to do

    I will sit forward in class so I can listen to the teacher and I plan to listen carefully to my friends

    Respecting others is impotant because if you don’t respect your friend, he will feel bad like “Ohh he is not listening to what I’m saying then I wont listen too” and then you’re going to be more and more unfriendly with your friend if you aren’t respecting others

    I will respect others and I will listen carefully so I’m not going to lose my friends

    I think that it is important to be open minded towards other way of thinking and other believes because there are so many different religions and way of thinking.

    I have many friends from different countries with different beliefs. I think its interesting to hear what other people says.

    I think it’s important to care of other people because if you’re not caring about them, they are all like ” Ahh hé is not caring about us…. lets just ignore him”. Maybe they will be like that and then finally you’ve got no friends.

    I will always care about people and I will also care about people who don’t have that many friends and listen to them.

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