Keeping It Positive

I started this post on a different note, but by the time I came back to it, things had changed, and there were other things on my mind. If I was really good, I would have written two posts by now, but… I was feeling sad about how we, as teachers, might have failed our […]

Our First Look at Fractions

Students explain their beginning understandings of how to compare fractions. They were given a mix of fractions, many with different bottom and top numbers (denominators and numerators). Their task was to line them up from smallest to largest and explain their thinking. They haven’t learned any strategies yet in class on how to do this. […]


People in the world believe in different things. What do YOU believe in? Any celebration, any individual things you do? Well if you do, please comment on this and I will be waiting for you to answer. I believe in celebrating New years, Valentines, St. Patricks day, Easter, Birthdays, Japanese Festivals, Thanksgiving(so-so), Halloween, and Christmas. […]