An Interview with my Dad

I asked my dad the following:

Q. How do people decide what’s good or bad?

A.  “If it helps someone or something, than it’s typically considered good, and if it hurts someone or something than it’s typically considered bad.”

Q. How do you respond to people who think that what you believe is not true?

A. “I explain to them where I got my information and why I believe it’s true. Then I ask them why they don’t believe it’s true.”

Q. What celebrations do you believe in celebrating? How are celebrations linked to family beliefs?

A. “Birthdays, Chr*stmas, Easter, Halloween, and the 4th of July. What’s important to our family is what we celebrate.”

Then I asked my mom the same questions in the same order:

1A. “Based on their values and what they’re taught by their family.”

2A. ” I tell them to respect other people’s right to believe what they want to believe.”

3A. “Religious and National holidays. Many celebrations revolve around religious beliefs. So, a family’s beliefs are reflected in their values.”


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