Another 5B publication

Please enjoy the 2nd magazine published by 5B. This one are the students’ personal narratives done during their first writing workshop. Students should be proud of their work!


7 thoughts on “Another 5B publication

  1. Wow! How long has that been up there? Thers already about 51 veiwers according to the page! I liked the very last page the best. Yeah, the one with the castle…

  2. WOW!!!!! 146 viewers already! NICE…
    EH… The other one is just 11. I hope there will be more than 30 after a week or so…

  3. Oh My Gosh!
    182 viewers! Is this like going to go up to like a million in a couple of days? This will never end 4 ever! 182, 182, 182, oh! Now 183! 183, 183, yeah!!!!!!

  4. WOW!!! 230,230,230… VIEWERS!!! increasing numbers are fun!!! especially the ones with lots of checks on them!!!! (jk) 1234567890 ohb yeah!!!
    Off topic: Can you put Party Rock Anthem in one of the blog videos you make soon? I love that song!!! Stuck in my head!

  5. Wow! 287 viewers! Its almost up to 300 viewers! Thats cool! The bad news is that nobody liked it so much that they didn’t put the like mark on. Im sure people who looked at it has facebook atleast. There’s no ratings. The other magazine dosn’t have many viewers. Maybe there is but I don’t think that because the 5B Our Stories has more hits.

  6. Wow! Theres 315 viewers on 10/25, 6:20 PM. I wonder if in a year, its going to be atleast a million viewers. 315!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    😛 😀

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