My Mom’s Beliefs

How do people decide what is good or bad?
“From their experience or from research or from being taught by someone such as a parent or teacher”How do you respond to people who think that what you believe is not true?
“I say that everyone has a right to their opinion.Unless it is a fact that I’m wrong about, and then I will tell them that I will check on that fact again.”

What celebrations do you believe in celebrating? How are celebrations linked to family beliefs?
“I believe in celebrating birthdays, New years day, and  Diwali. These particular celebrations are a time for family to be together, appreciate each other and set goals for accomplishments in the coming year.”


One thought on “My Mom’s Beliefs

  1. Deven,
    I think you did a good job and the answers your mom gave you was good too. I think you should do better on following up. Maybe you did but you didn’t write it, but even if you did, you should write it down. I think you did a pretty good job. Nothing really bad…

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