Totah Interviews his Mother

I asked my mom the following questions:

1. How do people decide what is good or bad?People decide what is good or bad based in many different things and it’s hard to say if its totally good or bad. Good things to some people can be bad for the others , and good things can be turn to be bad over time. One example is use of CFC “Freon” gas. It was believed to be “good” product (very safe to use), until it was found to be a environmental threat (to the ozone layer).2. How do you respond to people who think that what you believe is not true?I usually don’t show my disagreement on someones “wrong” idea especially if it’s very personal matter. I may tell the “wrong” idea if it may violate the law or harm the other environment. I am not good at expressing my option in public, so I often support comments by other who have similar or opinion of mine.

3. How celebrations do you believe in celebrating? How are celebrations linked to family beliefs?

We usually practice a new year celebration and “Higan” holidays. In a new year celebration, our family members and relatives come and visit each other, wish our health and prosperity in the coming year. We enjoy the traditional new year food. In “Higan” holidays, which date during spring and fall equinox, have more Buddhism-oriented meanings, and we visit our family cemetery to thanks our old family members and ancestors. We clean the grave and supply flowers and incense.


One thought on “Totah Interviews his Mother

  1. Totah,
    I think you did a good job on asking your mom the following questions and your mom also gave you good answers to what you have asked her. Maybe you can follow up more. If you did you should have wrote it down on this blog. You did a pretty good job on this interview. Nothing really bad…

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