An Interview With My Parents

I interviewed my dad, and asked him the questions below:

Q1) How do people decide what is good or bad?

A1)People decide what is good or bad by listening to their parents, and other people they respect. Also, you can listen to your intuition, then decide by yourself. You can learn to trust your judgement, and not just listen to other people.

Q2)What if what your parents tell you is wrong?

A2) I think you have to trust your intuition, even if it’s different from what your parents tell you, but this probably doesn’t happen, until you’re older.

Q3) How do you respond to people who think that what you believe is not true?

A3) I think that is quite common. You still need to respect people’s opinions, if they’re different from your own.

Q4) What if someone doesn’t respect your opinion?

A4) I would tell the person that it’s OK to disagree, but, we should respect each other’s opinions.

Q5) What celebrations do you believe in celebrating? How are celebrations linked to family beliefs?

A5) I believe in celebrating Christmas, New Year, and all of the changes of seasons. Often celebrations are linked to culture, religion, and family history, and what the family believes.

Q6) Do you think that beliefs have to be same as the other members of the family?

A6) No.

Q7) Why do you think so?

A7) Because, people should decide for themselves, what they believe. But, people should participate in family celebrations, because they are fun.

4 thoughts on “An Interview With My Parents

  1. Dear Kanna,
    I really like the questions you interviewed with your dad!, but was this part of the unit you were using?


  2. I liked they way you followed up on your dad’s answers especially becuase we are focusing on that now in class. I liked the answers that your dad said too. The way you put it together was nice too.

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