Interview with Dad

Me:How do people decide what is good or bad?
Dad: it depends on their background, how they are raised as a child,what their parents have taught them.

Me: for example?

Dad: for instants if raised in a chr*stian society  then you will act accordingly

Me:how do you respond to people who think that what you eileive is not true?

Dad: if i believe something i have a argument why i believe it and then i try to list up my argument and discuss with the people who disagree.

Me:what celebration do you believe in celebrating?

Dad: me, myself, i dont belive in any specific religion so i believe on celebrating my family.


Dad: for example, when its my daughters birthday i like to celebrate that. at work if we accomplish a certain task its important to get everybody together and celebrate so we can adress our next challenge.

Me:how are celebrations liked to family beliefs

Dad: i think that sounds like a rather religious question and as i said earlier, i im not a believer  and if i should link celebrations with my family its like birthdays,and simular like celebrating ourselves. this is a little contradicting because we celebrate ch*stmas.


One thought on “Interview with Dad

  1. Wow! I think you did really good on following up and your dad’s answers were interesting too. Maybe one thing you could do is to be more specific and not just ask “how?” and maybe something like “How od you believe on celebrating your family?”. Pretty good!

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