People in the world believe in different things. What do YOU believe in? Any celebration, any individual things you do? Well if you do, please comment on this and I will be waiting for you to answer. I believe in celebrating New years, Valentines, St. Patricks day, Easter, Birthdays, Japanese Festivals, Thanksgiving(so-so), Halloween, and Christmas. Thats about all the things I celebrate as a family.


5 thoughts on “Beliefs

  1. This is not about the beliefs thing but I am not in the picture of the front picture! Why am I not! Now I know that probably Susanna and Deven will think that too. Well Im with ya! Only Susanna’s heads sticking out!

  2. Megumi,
    what else do you celebrate? Im sure there is more to it! Thank you for commeting Megumi. You are the first one other than me

  3. Does anybody else want to comment on the blog because the only people I’ve seen commenting so far is ME, Megumi, Dan, and the parents and grandparents of other people. Some friends from diffferent countrys were commenting too and why can’t YOU, comment?!

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