Totah is Louis Braille

As his final assessment in our literature circle book, Totah acts as Louis Braille.


4 thoughts on “Totah is Louis Braille

  1. I think you did a really good job in clothing. Your clothes looked like Louis Braille. When I heard that the costume was his pirate costume from before at halloween, I wasn’t so suprized. I was like “Ohhh!!! Right!!!” and I also thought his shoes looked like those school ones in Japan. I liked your Louis Braille interview the most ao far. (No offence to Dan and Valdemar)

  2. Ok, I liked yours because you had the best clothing and a olden day act. (no offense to Susanna, Valdemar, Joseph, Kanna, and Deven) (I suck as dressing) I think yours deserves thumbs up.

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