Thinking About Probability

In class, we are studying probability. This week, we’ve done several experiments with probability. Today, Friday, January 27th, we discussed what we discovered yesterday. Here is a condensed transcript of what happened. Mrs. Blum: Yesterday, we explored probability, and we spun some spinners.  You predicted that with ½ of a circle colored, the spinner would […]

Thinking About Math

I’ve been listening to some Ted Talks this week about education, and they’ve inspired me. One Ted Talk was on how students can make their own connections without the help of a teacher–only a computer. Another one about mathematical numeracy and how calculators and computers can do that all for us. What we really need […]

Literature Circles Begin: Back in the Swing

We’re back in the swing again after a great holiday break. We’ve started talk of a new unit on peace and conflict and will begin more in earnest next week on this. In Mathematics, we’ve begun talking about probability and percentages and will combine this will data handling and graphing. Students are finishing up their […]