Proud of Me

In class, we’ve been talking about peace and conflict, and we’ve emphasized that we need to feel good about ourselves so that we can handle all of the feelings that arise in our lives. Feeling good about ourselves will also help us handle conflicts that come our way. Comment on this post. What are at […]

Our Week and Us

As we move toward Exhibition and finish up our unit on peace and conflict, 5B students have been thinking about themselves: their passions, their needs, their feelings. We’re building a tree in class to display everything about 5B students. Students also started making cranes. We’re trying to reach our goal of 1000 to donate to […]

Solving Conflicts

Now, we’re not sumo wrestlers, and we’re not living lives like this, but all of us have conflicts and need to solve them. Think about how you solve conflicts. What is the number one way you solve conflicts? In your description, mention if this is an effective way to solve conflicts and why or why […]