Solving Conflicts

Now, we’re not sumo wrestlers, and we’re not living lives like this, but all of us have conflicts and need to solve them. Think about how you solve conflicts. What is the number one way you solve conflicts? In your description, mention if this is an effective way to solve conflicts and why or why not. Give an example if you can with reasons to support yourself. Be clear and proofread!

17 thoughts on “Solving Conflicts

  1. When I solve conflicts, I try to first calm myself down. I know that I’m often angry when there’s a conflict, and I can’t respond like that. One time, for example, my sister laughed at me, and I got so mad. My first thought was that I wanted to hit her. Then, I realized that wouldn’t solve anything, and that I was angry. So, instead, I took a deep breath and I told her that I was hurt and angry when she laughed at me. She was shocked that I had said this, but she left me alone after that. That’s one way I solve conflicts.

  2. My method on how to solve conflicts is: First I try and work out the conflict myself. If it is personal and not a big conflict, then I work it out alone. If it is a big conflict and I’ve tried to work it out but it didn’t work, then I tell an adult. I think that this is an effective way of solving conflicts because it gives you the opportunity to try to work out a conflict on your own. Also it teaches you how to solve a conflict. It teaches you like this: So first you try and handle the conflict on your own and it doesn’t work. You don’t know how you could have solved it. When the adult solves the conflict, you can see what the adult does so next time you can do what the adult did. So for example: Once I had a conflict with my sister when she hid something of mine. She said she didn’t do it but I saw her do it. So I tried to explain to her that you don’t just go hiding people’s things, but she kept on denying it. So eventually it turned into a really big fight and I told my parents. Finally, she admitted it. My parents asked her very nicely first, (witch I did) and she denied. But when my parents asked her again, she admitted it. So that’s how I solve conflicts.

  3. My method is to think about if this is a problem that I can fix by myself or if I have to fix it with others~who were involved in the conflict~. I think it is best to work it out on your own otherwise, you will always have to ask someone else to help you with YOUR own problems. But, sometimes if it is necessary, you could ask an adult to help you, then you could just do the same thing if you are involved in a conflict again. For example, at my old school, this girl kept calling me short. I denied it for a couple of times but after that she just kept doing it. It annoyed me and my friends because she went on and on about it. I finally stood up and discussed about it. She said it was not a big deal, but I denied it. Finally apologized and asked if she could be my friend. I said “HECKSS NO! Maybe later.” because I wasn’t ready for that yet. The point is, to discuss the problem out and it might just work. I think that this method works because it worked on me for countless times and it worked for my friends. If you are creating a conflict, just ask yourself “Why the heck am I doing this, anyways?” and I hope your answer would be “I don’t know”. Otherwise, if you keep doing it, it will turn into physical conflict and anyone could get hurt, depending on how strong you are…That is how I solve conflicts and I hope I helped or at least gave you a clue on how to fix your conflicts, if that makes sense…. 🙂

  4. My way to solve conflict is that I first try to solve it by myself. But if you try to solve it, and you still can’t, I would probably tell an adult. I think that method is a good way to solve a conflict because you can learn how to work it out and then you can try to solve it that way next time you have a conflict.
    For example, once I had a conflict with my brother, and he hid something of mine. He said that he didn’t do it but he was laughing so I knew that he did it. At first, I told him that I was going to tell my mom but he still didn’t hand the thing over. I said it again and again but he still didn’t, so I finally told my mom and she asked him very nicely to hand the thing over. Then my brother gave up and he handed me it.
    So that is how I solve a conflict.

  5. the way i do most is to talk to them. its the easiest and I don`t think a teacher will do anything (no offense to all teachers) I`m not saying it always works but yeah…. the times it doesn`t work is when the talking turns into shouting and yeah.

  6. I think that if you have a problem between someone, you should not show he or her a haughty attitude and should first change yourself and allow others to be themselves.

  7. The number 1 way i solve conflicts is to not tell an aduilt. I try ti figure out my problems myself. When I have a friendship problem and if its my fault, I would solve it by actually trying to talk to them and figure out the problem. I would try to say sorry. If i’m n0t the one making the problem then I would just wait until they come and say sorry to me. When I have friendship problems, I just basically leave it alone. I’ve had A LOT of friendship problems and I think that’s the best way. If they argue and keep insulting me in a problem, I just try to ignore as much as I can. I know that most of the things that they are saying is not right. They only say those things when they are in the high- uncalm state. They just say those things because they want you to feel bad. When I have friendship problems. I don’t want to have them, they just apear. It’s sort of wierd…

    Oh and Ms.Blum, the picture is sort of blury so you can’t really see all of 5B’s beutiful faces.
    Hanna you wrote less then other people. I don’t know if it’s good or bad…

  8. My method is to think about if this is a problem that I can fix by myself, if not I will tell my parents, teacher and my friend that who was involved in this conflict. For me it is the best way to work it out on your own because you can learn something new and otherwise you will always have to ask someone else to help you with your own problems and it will be a little ironing for people. If it is a really big problems you should ask your parents first, and they will give you some clues. If that clue didn’t work than ask your teacher. I think that problems will stop, but If that conflict didn’t stop tell the principle. I think it will stop because every body is afraid of the principal and me too.

  9. What I do is if I have a conflict with someone I think of what I did. Then I deside what I could have done better. After that I think of the other persons perspective. Then I tell them what I think and they would say no thats not right. After that I would say sorry and not cause any more conflict and be friends or at least be happy.

    I do not have any examples I want to share!

  10. My method for solving conflict is first, trying to not punch the person and calm down. Then I try to talk it out with the person. If this does not work, then I ask the person why we are fighting. If it get’s physical, (which it usually does) I go to an adult and tell them about it. I think this is a good way to do it because, if you ask the person why the fight was happening, then it’s kind of like a mind grenade (mostly) and they won’t know. Most conflicts in my family are about really stupid things (no examples included in this offer). I tell an adult when the physical starts so that it doesn’t get far.
    This is all I have to say right now though.

  11. The way I would solve conflict is by having them talk to each other and work something out. And if they don’t, you wait till the next day. (Because the next day I loose my emotions of anger. If it gets physical, I tell an adult. For example, last night I got mad at my little brother but now I’m not mad at him.

  12. I first think does this problem has to solved with teachers or your parents and tell your friends or solved by yourself. When I get it I tell the e who is teasing me to stop and when they don’t stop I tell the teachers.
    For example my brother where tell me that I suck at doing things and I said to stop many times but he says “No” and I asked “Why?” he answered “Because it is fun!” When my brother doesn’t stop I tell my mom that he doesn’t stop.

  13. The way I solve conflicts is I first try to do it myself, and if it is a bigger conflict that is like physical I would tell a teacher. If theres no teacher I will try to do the best I can and run away and find a teacher, and if I cant even find a teacher there I would call on my other friend and try to calm him down with my friend because myself might not be enough.

  14. I try to solve conflicts by myself. Even if it goes on for like a week or more. I had conflicts between “friends” before, and I know that if it’s a big problem, it hurts a lot. Meaning that feelings hurt, not physically.
    An example; If the conflict starts with the fact that my friend starts to ignore me and starts hanging out with someone else, I would just wait to see if she is just doing that for a little while and would at least talk to me. But then if she doesn’t talk to me, maybe doesn’t even look at me and never would think of sitting next to me, then I would know that my long plan of waiting wouldn’t work. So then I would try to find other people that I can have fun with and talk to them, instead of wasting my time and being lonely, walking by myself, sitting in my own place with no one else to talk to in my life. I would be with them and see how that works out in my life.
    So that is my example. Usually my way of solving conflicts is (if it’s the type of conflict that I told you about in my example) to wait and see if they just wanted time with someone else. So…that’s how I would solve a conflict like that. Do any of you guys want to reply and say what you would do if something like that happens to…YOU?

  15. I try solving the conflict myself but if it gets physical I would go and get an adult. In this example, you will see what I mean.

    So I tell my friend a secret, and someone else saw us. That person started to insult us until we told the secret. I just told the person to go away and leave us alone. Then, the person got mad and started to hurt us. That is when I told teacher.

  16. When I solve conflicts, I try to solve them by myself first if it is not really a big one and a hard conflict. Most of the times, I say to stop to the people or person who is causing the conflict. When the conflict is too hard and big, I ask an adult for help.

    For example, when I had a conflict with my sister, I said to stop first. She didn’t stop so I ignored her. But it got worse so I asked my mum for help and it got solved.

  17. When I try to solve conflict I try too solve it myself but when it gets to out of control I ask an adult to help me. But I only ask an adult when its really really serious.

    For an example, when me and my friend had a conflict to watch a movie or go outside, first I thought the conflict was easy to solve. It wasn’t easy as I thought. We started a big fight to each other. But the end we called in an adult and solved the conflict because it was very serious.

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