Proud of Me

In class, we’ve been talking about peace and conflict, and we’ve emphasized that we need to feel good about ourselves so that we can handle all of the feelings that arise in our lives. Feeling good about ourselves will also help us handle conflicts that come our way.

Comment on this post. What are at least 3 things that you are proud of? Think of things you have done, accomplished or just can do naturally. They could be anything from the way you treat your friends to academic ability.


19 thoughts on “Proud of Me

  1. I am proud of many things I’ve done. I’m proud of how I care for my family. I call my parents every few weeks. I also make sure we eat healthy foods at home. Another thing I’m proud of is my ability to tell stories. I tell them easily and love telling and writing them. Finally, I’m proud of my open-mindedness. I love learning new things, trying new food, meeting new people, and I think this helps me really learn.

  2. In life, you have to be proud of yourself in some ways…

    I am proud of myself for:

    -Trying to move on and hang out with different people if things are not working out at that time with other people.

    -Trying to follow the rules that are chosen and not to break them if I can.

    -Being the best I can be!!!

    So…..these are some things. If any of you guys in my class want to comment back to this comment, then feel free……….

  3. I am proud for:
    1. Being able to fold a paper crane
    2. My basketball skills
    3. Being a gamer
    4. Being Optimistic
    5. Being who I am

  4. I am proud of my self for

    . Trying new things like instrument,work,sports and many things I am proud.

    .Trying my best I can be

    .When my work is done, or when I couldn’t do this but I can right now like new instrument.

    So theses are when I am proud at.

  5. I am proud of myself in a few ways. Some of the ways are…

    1. I am proud that I can move on and live with it. If a problem comes, I try not to pick a fight (I’m not trying to brag or anything or at least not intending to brag so don’t get mad D:)

    2. I am proud that I try new things (I try to try many things like tasting foods. My parents say that I am not picky at food at all~but I think that I’m a tiny bit picky but my parents don’t think so~

    3. I am proud that I am able to control my life. I make my own decisions whether it is not fighting back to eating crackers or not.

    4. I am proud of being me. I don’t want to be like anyone else. I want to be special. Different. Extraordinary. I have gave this deep thought and heard it from my dad, I think. Here’s my thought
    “If everyone wants to be different, don’t they end up the same because of it?~This just popped up in my head and I don’t really know if it would make sense to you but…yeah.
    All of these things that I am proud of, put together is, ME!
    THANNKSSS!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  6. Well first of all, I dont like this because I think it is very arrogant, no offense to mrs.Blum…….. Anyway I am not really too proud of myself so it is very hard to decide but the things that I would be proud would be…
    The fact that I can act as if nothing is wrong
    That I improved running from 3rd grade
    I COULD be brave when I want to

  7. I am proud of many things, but here are the top three I am most proud of:

    * I am proud that I’m a good person, for example, I’m not harsh to others, and I do people favors.

    * I am proud that I take care of my responsibilities, such as taking care of my pet goldfish, or putting away my toys.

    * I am proud of my skateboarding.

  8. I am proud of myself for:
    1. being able to play basketball
    2. acting in plays
    3. doing hard work
    4. instrument skills
    5. singing skills
    6. making good friends

  9. I am proud of myself for…

    –I am proud that I can play guitar.

    –I am proud that I can participate in different activities.

    –I am proud that I can do a flip off the diving board.

    I don’t mean to brag about any of these.So…yeah. That’s what I am proud of.

  10. Nice hearing about all of this. I don’t think that you are bragging if you’ve been asked to talk about your strengths. It’s good to recognize what makes you special so you can feel more confident. Know it, say it. It doesn’t make you better than anyone. It just makes you, you.

  11. I am proud of myself for:

    – I am proud of that I am born and stay healthy

    – I am proud to have a family

    – I am proud of being a part of my family

    – I am proud to get educated

    – I am prod that I could make friends easily

    – I am proud of having good friends

  12. There are many ways I am proud of my self heres three of them.

    -I am proud that I take cara of what I am doing.

    -I am proud to care about other people like help them.

    -I am proud that I try to do stuff no-one can do on the trampoline and fails.

    Thanks for reading!!!!

  13. I am proud of:

    -Being able to live
    -Having a family
    -Being Healthy
    -Going to school
    -Being able to act
    -Being able to sing
    -Not having a desiese
    -Being able to have a home
    -Having a mom and dad
    -Having friends

    And Hanna, sorry to say but I know when things are wrong like when your sad. I can tell…
    Any way! …

  14. I am proud of myself of:

    – Not having problems with my friends
    – Being healthy
    – Trying new things
    – Trying my best
    – Being positive
    – Swimming Skills

  15. Proud of myself.

    – I am proud of trying new things (Risk-taker).
    – I am proud of able to do many sports.
    – I am proud of being healthy and not having disease.
    – I am proud of being able to dance.
    – I am proud of able to go to the school.
    – I am proud of having a family.

  16. I am proud of:

    1. The way that my friends are nice to me.
    2. The way people around make me feel safe
    3. The way my mom feeds me and makes me strong and healthy
    4. The way I risk to try something new.
    5. I am proud I had difficulties that made me stronger
    6. I am proud of being who I am
    7. I am proud that my dad can provide for my family
    8.I am proud to say that I love my family.

  17. I don’t think its good to be proud of your self but to be proud of what you have done. Being proud in your self is like being arrogant. Hanna I think thats what you mean.

  18. I am proud of myself for:
    – Not having fights with my friend.
    – Being healthy.
    – Tennis skills.
    – Trying new things.
    – Being honest.

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