The Importance of Perspective

Recently, we recognized the 1-year anniversary of March 11th (which also led me to rename my blog), and around that time, many documentaries came out about the Japan disaster. I watched the BBC documentary, “Children of the Tsunami” and thought immediately how I should show it to the my grade 5 students at school. After […]

One Year Later: How Things Have Changed.

It’s the anniversary of March 11th here in Japan, and a lot of Japan is musing. Actually, maybe the entire world is musing. I’ve watched two specials on Japan in the past few days: one on Fukushima by Frontline, a PBS program from the States. The other was called “Children of the Tsunami,” a BBC […]

Our Week: March 5-9

Exhibition begins! New literature circles begin! Had a good week in 5B. Exhibition begins in earnest this week. Students brought in photos and objects about their passion and presented. We’ll  continue next week. They’ll keep track of everything on Evernote, a note-taking online program. Students figured out their learning styles this week through an online […]