Stuff and Happiness

As a preview into our final unit on “How We Organize Ourselves,” students looked at an interesting series of photos about the stuff we possess in this world. Students questioned the disparity and thought about happiness. What makes people happy? We’re leading into a unit on natural resources and happiness. Already students have ideas about […]

Exhibition Complete. Success!

All finished with this year’s PYP Exhibition, but the action continues. Here’s a snapshot of the final night. Also, check out the school’s SmugMug. Congratulations to all. What did you think? Please leave us some feedback! 5B Exhibition 2012 from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

Action Quote

These last few days of Exhibition, we talked about action and passion. Why action? What’s the big deal? Yesterday, students watched: “Being Elmo” and thought about how Kevin Clash, the creator and Elmo puppeteer, took his passion into his work. Here’s a quote. What are your thoughts? There’s no competitive advantage today in knowing more […]

Dear World: Here’s What We Think

Inspired by a site called “Dear World,” students came up with positive words, inspiring words to pass along to others. For some, it’s what they learned in Exhibition or from this school. Great words. Great bunch of kids. Enjoy! See everyone at Exhibition. Dear World: Here’s What We Think on PhotoPeach

Exhibition Details

Two school days and counting: Please join us during out IBPYP Grade 5 Exhibition. See and hear about all of the hard work students have done. Experience passion! What: Grade 5 IBPYP Exhibition. Central Idea: People’s beliefs and passion provoke and sustain their learning and creativity. Date: April 24th (for parents) Time: 6:15 p.m. (arrival) […]

Gearing Up for Exhibition: Presentation Practice

A lot of practice going on with presentations. Students are practicing in school and should be practicing at home so that they sound natural. It’s a lot of work, but with perseverance, they’re getting there. Gearing Up for Exhibition Presentations from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

9 year-old action

Students have been thinking about “action”–one of the components of the PYP Exhibition. Today, we watched and discussed a great video about a child who was really passionate about arcade games. He built his own arcade and now has a huge following. Here’s the video. Now the question, what can you do with your passion?

Distracted by Sunny Days and Sakura (Cherry) Trees

Throughout this post are photos from Thursday. A beautiful day in Japan. Warm, clear skies. Cherry blossoms at their peak. We returned from lunch to a cool, darkish room, prepared to finish out our day being super expedient. Exhibition is coming up in less than 2 weeks, and everyone had lots to do. I thought […]