Young People Can Take Action

Thanks to my friend and former colleague, now at a PYP school in Idaho, I was introduced to a new website devoted to passion and action. Here’s the link: . Below are some videos from the website. As one of the core components of the IBPYP, action is to be a part of all units at school. During the Exhibition, students should think about how they can bring their passion into action.

We’ve seen inspiring videos from 9 year-olds (as the one further down in this blog) and read stories about kids who are heroes. Check out this link about kid heroes.

Here are some really inspiring stories by kids who have taken action–all driven to act because of a passion or an interest.

What do you think? What might you do?

There’s Nadin Khoury who was bullied and became a spokesperson against bullies:

And what an interesting way to take action. A soccer ball that generates electricity for a developing world. A young woman takes action.

8 thoughts on “Young People Can Take Action

  1. Wow, I wish I was this imaginative. Becoming a Anti- Bullying spokesperson, making a ball that generates electricity? I want to do something like that!

  2. Ben Comen – Giving His All For a Place to Belong

    I watched and read this. I think that Ben Comen is doing a very good job. He keeps practicing. I really think that he is a good person.

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