Exhibition Details

Ready and Relaxed for Exhibition

Two school days and counting:

Please join us during out IBPYP Grade 5 Exhibition. See and hear about all of the hard work students have done. Experience passion!

What: Grade 5 IBPYP Exhibition.

Central Idea: People’s beliefs and passion provoke and sustain their learning and creativity.

Date: April 24th (for parents)

Time: 6:15 p.m. (arrival) 6:30 p.m. start

Place: YIS Tanner Auditorium (at the ELC)

Who: All Grade 5 and their parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents

Dress: Semi-formal. No jeans or t-shirts please!

Students should go home after school on the 24th and relax and eat. Please return, though, by 6:15 so we can kick off the Exhibition at 6:30 p.m sharp.

Students will follow up on April 25th with a presentation for other YIS students and students from K International School and the Canadian International School in Tokyo. On Wednesday, April 25th, students should bring a packed lunch (or buy a lunch from the canteen during morning break) because we will be at the Auditorium all day.


2 thoughts on “Exhibition Details

  1. Good luck! I have been following all you have been doing and it looks amazing! You have been such a great source of inspiration for our kids here in Boise, Idaho. We wish you lots of luck for your evening performance and for the schools visiting you the next day!

  2. Whew! The exhibitions done! Who is there only Totah in that photo… The exhibition was fun but I was also nervous. There were a lot of feelings in me. I was also excited. Good luck to 4th graders who are doing next year if they’re staying at yis.

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