Action Quote

These last few days of Exhibition, we talked about action and passion. Why action? What’s the big deal? Yesterday, students watched: “Being Elmo” and thought about how Kevin Clash, the creator and Elmo puppeteer, took his passion into his work.

Here’s a quote. What are your thoughts?

There’s no competitive advantage today in knowing more than the person next to you. The world doesn’t care. The world cares about what you can do with what you know – do you have the skill, do you have the will.

–Tony Wagner

Harvard’s Tony Wagner, author of Creating Innovators: The Making of Young People Who Will Change the World, speaking at Skillshare’s Penny 2012 conference.


One thought on “Action Quote

  1. I remember a quote once (but can’t remember who said it) that ‘real talent’ is like cream….it will always rise to the surface.

    So if you find your talent you will always have it and you will always be able to use it….no matter what the person next to you has.

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