Stuff and Happiness

As a preview into our final unit on “How We Organize Ourselves,” students looked at an interesting series of photos about the stuff we possess in this world. Students questioned the disparity and thought about happiness. What makes people happy? We’re leading into a unit on natural resources and happiness. Already students have ideas about how family makes us happy, how stuff doesn’t matter, and maybe people are affected by the way their governments are organized.

Here’s the link. Students, share your thoughts here.

A family in rural India with their household possessions


17 thoughts on “Stuff and Happiness

  1. I think that it only depends on the person to be happy with your stuff. If you decide to be greedy, pleased, its all up to who you are and how you think. people are different, and thats why this world is different in different countries.

  2. I think everyone will be different to others. Some people are happy but some people are not. It can depend with their feelings.

  3. Stuff can make you happy depending on the stuff you have and what kind of person you are. If you were starving to death and you asked for food and got a toy, you might not be so happy. But if you wanted a toy then you would have been happy.

  4. When I look at some of these pictures, they surprise me. It is really incredible how many people don’t have a lot of stuff and they don’t have huge homes like some of us. I think we should all get second jobs but the money for the second job go’s to charity. So you get enough money to have stuff from the first job but from the second job the money goes to people who need the money.

  5. I think your life will be different from where are you from and that is a sad thing, but I think everyone is happy because they have their family. There are some family or sad,but I think most family are happy.

  6. I think that “stuff” can make people happy but it depends on the person. The people who are poor and do not have much things may be happy when they get stuff, but people who have money already have a lot so they don’t really need to have that kind of stuff. They are probably happy to even have a family. My most important things in all I have is my family. I am happy to have a family. Other people might have different opinions though

  7. I think that they are happy because even if there pore, they have their own family and I think that having a family is the best thing you have in the world.

  8. I think that they are happy because they have some thing that they want to have. Even though they are rich and poor they have there own family and people are different too.

  9. I think that half the families were wealthy, half a bit poor…. very sad for the poor people, like the Indian family or the Mali family. But that Canadian, Kuwait, and Japanese family are too rich. I think that they should probably give the things they’re bored of and give them to the Indian and Mali family.

  10. I think that it depends on what kind of person you are and what you like. I also think that it matters on how you use it and if you need it. What you want is not always what you need. It also depends on how you think. If you’re knowledgable, you would spend your money on useful things. People want different things in different countries and places. I guess it also depends on how you live. For example, if you live poorly and not have enough money for food, or other important things, you would want more money or things to trade with. hehe thanks! -Ayana :3

  11. When I look at those pictures with all those poor people. I feel very sorry and I want to give them food, and new things that they can use so they can live in a much more easy way.

  12. I think it doesn’t matter how rich or poor you are. It just matters how happy you are and the family you have to support you. If your not happy then its sad to have stuff and no one to share it with. When you have stuff it makes you happy because, it doesn’t make yo feel you have nothing, nothing to give nothing to get as I say…haha

  13. When I look at those pictures I feel like we are so blessed that we have our own beds and have more than one TV. I feel their lives are very different than ours.

  14. I feel sorry for the people who don’t have the things they really want. They probably are happy with what they have but they MUST have some dificulties. There is a big difference with the people who have a lot of stuff and the people who don’t have much.

  15. People who have a lot of what they need and some stuff that they want COULD be happy, but not if they are spoiled and just keep on wanting more. At least this is what I think. We should accept what we have, and we could have a little of what we want. But if I had a lot of what I want, maybe even more than what I need, then I wouldn’t be happy. I might even be depressed because I’m too spoiled or something. I think that if we want something really badly (that we don’t need) and then eventually get it, then it won’t be fun to wish for it anymore because we already have it. That’s some of the reasons that I don’t think we would be happy if we have lots of what we want. Do you agree? Do you disagree?

  16. I feel very bad because they dont have a house and they just live outside so they have to sleep outside in the winter so it might be very cold.

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