Natural Resources and Wealth

Now, you understand what natural resources are. They are found in countries all over the world. Doesn’t it make sense that countries where the average family appears to be rich and has a lot of stuff would have a lot of natural resources. Is it true?

Take a look at these pictures again:

Choose 2 countries and look at their natural resources. You can use either of the 2 sites listed below. Is it true? Do the countries where people appear to be wealthy have a lot of natural resources? Take your time looking at this, and then add your thoughts in the comments after you’ve looked at 2 of the countries.

14 thoughts on “Natural Resources and Wealth

  1. Sometimes it is true sometimes it is not! Sometimes the governments don’t give the people natural resources and keeps it for themselves not even to rich people. But in other countries the government is good. So overall it is pretty much over the government!!

  2. It depends on the country. In some places, the government has a lot of recources, but use it for their own good. In other places, the government uses the money from selling those recourses to help other people and to fix up the country. Basically, it all depends on the way a country is runned.

  3. It can be true or not true. Even people are rich, it doesn’t mean that they have many natural resources. It depends on the country and the government.

  4. I agree with Emma. I think that it depends on your family and the things you have. Some governments have resources but they can use it for themselves. Some countries have a government that is not selfish and is good.

  5. I think the same way as every body else. I think it is both too. It depends on the countries that you are living and the governments too. In some countries, the government use that money for there own things. But in other countries, they don’t. They use there money for people and they help the countries too. It doesn’t matter you are rich and it dosen’t mean that they have lots of natural resources.

  6. I agree with Emma too Nyah! I think that even though the country is rich, it doesn’t mean that you have a lot of natural resources. For example, Japan is a pretty rich country but there is not many natural resources in Japan like oil, and trees. So I think that even if you are in a rich country, it doesn’t mean that you have a lot of natural resources.

  7. It depends on what you consider wealthy as. I looked up some countries that were fairly weathly and I found out that Japan, according to one website ,only has two natural resources. I think that Japan has more then 2. Then I looked up the US and they had 18 natural resources. And finaly, I looked up Italy and they had 15 resources. So it really depends on what you think is wealthy.

  8. First Question’s Answer:
    I think that this is not true because the environment with most stuff, used more natural resources, therefore, this is not true.

    Second Question’s Answer:
    The first country I chose was Peru. I think that the average people in Peru don’t have as much stuff as an average person in U.S.A. Therefore, they have more natural resources as my conclusion above says. My second country that I chose was Thailand. They are similar to Peru and use less Natural Resources which is good.

    Kay Bye!-Ayanapig

  9. Sometimes it can be true sometimes not. It depends some people have a lot natural resources some only has 2 or 1 it it all otherwise it depends like everybody else said even though they are rich it doesent mean they have a lot of Natural resources.

  10. I think that if the government of a country was greedy, then he would have (or will) destroyed a lot of the country’s natural resources to make products to sell. But I agree with pretty much everybody else who commented before me, that it depends on who the government people are, and if they’re greedy or if they share everything fairly with everybody in the country.

  11. It depends on the government’s personality and how they share everything with their country. Some rich people who are greedy might not use some natural resources wisely. They might waste them.

  12. I think that all the resources doesn’t have to do with the poverty or the wealth of a country. Like there are a lot of natural resources in african countries but they are still poor.

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