Homework and Responsibility

It’s the end of the year, and students are gearing up for their next adventure: Middle School. Responsibility, one of those key components of the IB has been so evident this year, especially during the Exhibition.

Discussing our Homework

Now, as we approach the end of the year and short weeks, I’ve given students the responsibility of figuring out their homework. Here was the process:

1. In a small group, everyone with a chip to participate, they decide what homework they will do this week.

2. The homework must be equal to about 3 x 50 minutes (the average time for homework in Grade 5)

3. There must be a written plan.

4. It must be related to something we are doing in school.

Voting for the homework we want to do

5. Students must be able to document what they do in writing.

Here’s how the discussion looked today…See their replies for what they decided.

Working as a team

Parents, what do you think? What did you notice at home this week?


18 thoughts on “Homework and Responsibility

  1. BSVA- (what we are doing) We want to focus on Google SKETCH-UP! The job you have to do is to make 5 houses which have to include at least 1 door, 1 window, 1 offset, and 1 roof. You can do more if you wish. We are doing this to practice for the teapot box… well…. K BYE!!! 😀

  2. Nyah, Deven, Dan, and Susanna:
    Math: Each day, make 2 complicated math problems on the days of the followings:
    Tuesday- Multiplication
    Wednesday- Devision
    Thursday- Addition
    The order does not have to be as shown but you get the idea. Put problems in google docs.
    Writing: Write a paragraph about your favorite natural resource.
    Reading: Spend the rest of the time reading which should be about 20 or more minutes.

    That is our project thing for this week!!!! 😀

  3. Emma, Satono, Sayaka, Arief
    Task 1: Take or sketch 10 pictures of natural resources.
    Task 2: Read 1 short book or 4 chapters and make a comment and what it was about on 5b reads.
    Task 3: Make at least 1 short essay about stop cutting trees.

    We are doing these because we are learning about that.

  4. This replaces our earlier post.
    ~Work on 7 different 3d objects on google sketch
    ~3 games everyday on Cool math games
    ~The following exponents: 1 squared, 1 cubed 1 to the 3rd power, 1 to the 4th power, 1 to the 5th power up to 1 to the tenth power. Then do the same thing for 2,3,4,5. 2 squared, 2 cubed 2 to the 3rd power…

  5. I like how everyone really thought about their homework for this week and how you thought as a team. I think you can design much better homework than we can!

  6. I probably did ore than 50 minutes because I did a lot of detail on my house. I loved working on Google Sketch-up because it’s the best 3D designing program EVER!

  7. It took me a little more than 45 minutes to do my task. Usually I have no problems doing my homework but this time I really had to think.

  8. 5B–I really like how much work you are putting into creating your homework. And your reflections are great.It seems like you are getting ready for middle school! I’m excited to see how the rest of the week goes.

    Ms. Madrid (from down the hall)

  9. At the start of doing my homework I thought it would be easy but then figuring it all out was hard!!! Really hard!!!!!!!! But after a while I got the hang of it! I like the homework now because we know what we are doing because we made it but we don’t know what we are doing because it is a challenge! That’s all I had to say… Bye… Lol

  10. Interesting concept. It looks like the kids took it to heart and did not take short cuts.
    It sounds like they had a lot of fun. Fun homework? Great idea!

  11. We think we did good at choosing the homework because we are learning about that. We finished our homework.

  12. I think this homework was awesome this was one of the best ones. Hope we can do it again!!!! 😀

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