1,000 Cranes Finished

A long project, but a fulfilling one. Today, we sent off our 1,000 cranes to one of our adopted schools in Ishinomaki. Starting with our read of Sadako and the Thousand Cranes and four months of crane making, we finished. Students loved the project and feel good about where they are sending them. Nyah wrote a letter to the director of the school in Ishinomaki and Totah translated it. We wish the school well in their recovery!

1000 Cranes Project for Tohoku


3 thoughts on “1,000 Cranes Finished

  1. Congratulations 5B – a project well done. The cranes always look so colourful and cheerful. Just another good memory to keep about your year in 5B!!!!

  2. This was really fun! I remember I brought some origami in… It was a really great experience and even if it was last year, I enjoy it and hope I can do it again

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