The Fishing Industry

Today students watched another perspective about fishing and had a lot of comments. Why? Really? Hoping they comment below.

We discussed how fish is so important to Japan and other countries. Like any natural resource, though, we’re learning that there are two sides of the issue. This National Geographic movie tells another story.

What do you think?

Here are some questions:

1. Why do we think that we can fish forever–that it’s renewable?

2. How much do countries/people depend on fish?

3. Are some fishing practices better than others?

4. How can we help as kids?

End of the Line documentary


22 thoughts on “The Fishing Industry

  1. I can’t believe all the blood in this video! Those ministers are nuts. FISH WILL GO EXTINCT! I feel like sabotaging a fishing boat.

  2. I seriously think that some people are fishing to much…. They have gotta stop fishing, I mean, now we’ll only have fish to last until 2048 at this rate. IT SHOULD BE A LAW..

  3. Kids can write many persuasive pieces to the president and to the fishing places and at last the president might feel sorry and then he will make it illegal.

  4. I think people think they can fish forever because many people doesn’t know the truth and people think it is very natural to have fish in our lives. I think all of the fishermen depend on fish to survive. In some countries, they are trying to stop over-fishing and it is getting better, but in other countries, they don’t know the truth or don’t want to stop over-fishing. We can make posters or videos and upload on youtubes or sites and convince people.

  5. I think we have to fish less more because we want to eat fish but we don’t want to fish not to get instinct so I think we should fish less than we are fishing now.

  6. I HATE THE PEOPLE WHO DO THIS!! Why do we have to be so destructive! I do NOT want to let this just go on I want this to stop!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I think people are fishing fish to much and I think that they have to stop a little bit.
    I also think that it should be a law.

  8. I think that people should stop killing fish.
    But some fish is “OK” to eat sushi.
    We should care for the fish and don’t make the fish EXTINCT!

  9. I agree with Austin. I will never go to a sushi place EVER IN MY LIFE. Even if my mom and dad make me.

  10. 1-People think this because they don’t think about it. They don’t know that there are limited amount of fish. They just fish it and eat it.

    2-They count on it alot…

    Thats all 🙂

  11. Interesting movie. Remember, this is one perspective, and it’s important to think about all sides of the issue. Glad it did open some eyes, but remember there’s always a lot to every issue.

  12. I dont think that fishing is renewable because it said that in the video. But for the people that don’t know that, well I think that they just care about the money and that they can help there family. Different countries depend on fish differently but fish is the most popular meat I think! I don’t really know about fishing practices and trolling is not really a practice! Us kids should start a riot!!!!! lol… 🙂

  13. I dont think that people think that its renewable. I just think, that people dont notice, or care about the damage they do to the food chain and the ocean. I think they care so much about our race and feeding their families, and getting money. Some people dont do anything because they think or believe they cant. A lot of people depend on fish as their main, meal. If fish were extinct it would have a great impact a huge amount of people on earth. I think that some fishing practices are better than others. some fishing practices are more cruel to the fish than others. I think we can help by sending a letter or something to the fishing minister, But because we are kids there is possibility that they wouldn’t care. we could also cut down on the fish we are eating.

  14. Honestly, fishermen know that their destroying the fish population, but they won’t stop! They’ll lose their jobs eventually. Wow…… I think their crazy, they’ll lose their jobs and the fish will disappear, and they know it all! Yet, the keep on fishing. That’s stupid.

  15. I think that people do not think what they are catching. I think people should think before they catch fish because if they don’t there will be no more fish for anybody.

  16. We don’t get why people don’t take action to stop people from fishing WAY too much more than the fish can recover. There was a lot of killing. We should take action and help the fish so that they don’t become extinct. I don’t want fish to disappear in 2048. I like fish. But I don’t want to eat so much because we are lacking fish. I think that the sea will be a better place with fish and the beautiful earth in the ocean.
    I think that we should stop killing fish, but not entirely. I think this because if we stop completely, more fish will be bred, and fish will be the opposite of extinct. And when this happens, the food chain will be very damaged and wrecked.

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