Small Town America and 21st Century Learning

Walking through the streets of small town, midwestern America, I’m reminded again of perspective. This year, I’ve been reading, discussing, tweeting, blogging about 21st century learning. I’m reading Ken Robin’s book now, Out of Our Minds, about creativity and how that’s what direly needed in today’s education because the world is changing. Fast. But, I’m […]

Keep playing…

There’s something so satisfying about watching kids play. As my 5th graders near the end of their elementary years, I wanted them to leave with a sense of play. Actually, the conversation started with a colleague who teaches kindergarten. We were both inside with my students during a rainy day. Her comment: “They don’t know […]

Geometric Teapot Package

It all started with an idea… of collaboration about shape and space. The goal was to create a 3-dimensional package that could safely hold a china teapot. Once complete, the teapot and package would be shipped to another international school. The skills were geometry and measurement. Students would need to design and create 2-dimensional shapes that […]