A Different Kind of Homework

After success last year, we are trying out student-driven homework again. With some ideas and modeling, students created 3 tasks that they could complete during the week. They will have Japanese homework another night. Today, the students brainstormed what they might do. They reflected on their strengths, their challenges and their interests. We compiled everything […]

Literature Circles and Fantastic Lit. Resources

Literature Circles/Book Club: Imagine cozy corners of students talking about books. They’re asking questions about characters and ideas. They’re wondering what others are feeling. Without thinking much about it, they’re practicing what strong readers do–questioning as they read and connecting to the text. We started the year with several versions of books about Louis Braille. […]

Choose Kind

It’s the beginning of the school year, and the time to establish a climate for your classroom, with your children. On the very first day of school, we played and then reflected about why we played. We’ve moved on to solving math puzzlers and thinking about how we explain our thinking to establishing a writer’s […]


Do you ever Wonder what it would be like to look so completely different from everyone else that it would be hard to fit in? Our first read aloud , Wonder by R.J. Palacio, centers around Auggie, a 10-year old child with a facial deformity. He has been schooled at home and is entering school […]

First Week in 5B 2012-2013

What a great start to the school year. We’ve played, read, worked on a challenging puzzle, drew a self-portrait. And then, we got computers! It’s been hot and humid, and students have been forced inside for lunch recess, but they’re a creative bunch. Already, students are ready to learn, energized by puzzle solving and showing […]