First Week in 5B 2012-2013

What a great start to the school year. We’ve played, read, worked on a challenging puzzle, drew a self-portrait. And then, we got computers! It’s been hot and humid, and students have been forced inside for lunch recess, but they’re a creative bunch. Already, students are ready to learn, energized by puzzle solving and showing off some artistic talent.

Looking forward to our first full week next week. Please continue to follow our blog. We’ll let you get a peek of what’s going on inside 5B.


5 thoughts on “First Week in 5B 2012-2013

  1. Things that can be counted
    1 ideas
    2 water
    3 All the stars in space
    4 sugar
    5 numbers
    6 hair
    7 oxygen
    8 molecules
    9 bacteria
    10 All the books in the world

  2. Hi,
    thank You for an excellent oppurtunity for us, parents, grandparents and others, to participate in the childrens work and daily routins in school. My wife and I are David’s grandparents and we are so happy to see David studying and enjoying the time among his new friends and his new teachers.

    Thank You and best regards

    Cia and Håkan Odervång

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