Where We Are in Place and Time

Where are we in place and time, really? This week, we dug into our first unit. Our central idea: Our understanding of scientific discoveries has evolved over time and shapes the future.

We played with the idea and talked about how much smarter kids are today based on all of the knowledge that has been passed down to them. Through past giants, like Archimedes, Galileo, Newton, Einstein, we have learned so much and have so many things they couldn’t even have imagined.

Students got a chance to get messy (as did the room). They built boats out of aluminum foil that could hold 5 yen coins. They investigated the idea of displacement by sinking and floating objects in beakers. They came up with their own experiments about how air affects flotation and played around with how much water weighs.

In short, they began to think like scientists and started to gain an understanding of how science has really changed our world.

Here’s a slideshow of our first play at science.



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