The New Way to do Math

A Skype collaboration. Some excited students. Problem solving. Communication. Thinking. Reflecting and moving on. Today, we had a chance to collaborate with some students at Sendai International School in Sendai, Japan. Over 1/2 hour, they hashed out a problem about 100 lockers, trying to figure out which remained open by the end of a process. […]

The Power of Play

What do you do when you find some huge boxes in the hallway that are about to be broken down and recycled? Grab them. We spent some time last week playing and building with boxes. Students were divided into 4 groups, given one large box, some tape and asked to build anything. What unfolded was […]

Read Along and Enjoy

This week, we’re trying out some audiobooks on a site called Tumble Book Cloud. There are books ranging from graphic novels to classics. For homework this week, students chose a book to which they could “read along.” The books work on laptops but not iPads and iPhones, unfortunately. Students know the YIS username and password, […]


Twitter 5B has a Twitter account. We are @yis5b. Today, we talked about how we might use Twitter in the classroom. Twitter can be a great tool to connect with the world. Last year, we connected with a school in Bangkok, another one in Bangaladesh. During Exhibition, Twitter came in handy to pose questions about […]

Thinking about Math

Games, puzzles and showing your thinking. We think about Math in grade 5 and show what we know. In our current unit, students are figuring about factors, mentioning multiples, puzzling over problems involving numbers. To do this, students play games and solve puzzles. They think through Math and use the vocabulary. Here’s a snapshot from […]

August Reflections

Students took the opportunity to reflect on their learning the first few weeks of school. Asked to think about what they enjoyed, were challenged by, and what they would like to do more, they shared working on a slideshow together using Google presentation. Check out their learning and leave them some feedback. I’m sure they […]

Hamagin Science Center Part 2

Today, we explored some discoveries the students made yesterday at Hamagin. Suddenly, their play has turned to Bernouilli’s Principle, Newton and gravity, plasma TV screens, the history of transportation. Completely absorbed, they planned, researched and are beginning movies, posters and keynotes on their discoveries. The final projects are still to come, but for now, here […]

Hamagin Science Center Part 1

We love field trips. Today, we walked through a hot, humid day to train it to the Hamagin Science Center in Yokohama. It’s a great hands-on museum all about science and space. As we are studying scientific discoveries and have been making our own discoveries as part of our unit, the museum is perfect. Picture […]