5B has a Twitter account. We are @yis5b. Today, we talked about how we might use Twitter in the classroom. Twitter can be a great tool to connect with the world. Last year, we connected with a school in Bangkok, another one in Bangaladesh. During Exhibition, Twitter came in handy to pose questions about our passions and to get ideas on how to present.

Students today thought about how best we might use Twitter. Here are some of their ideas:

  • Share resources–Math websites we find valuable, great language learning sites, spelling, typing programs
  • Ask questions related to what we are studying
  • Respond to other Tweets/conversations. Exchange ideas
  • Mention important events happening in our classroom.
  • Have conversations about Exhibition as we get closer to that time.

Twitter is a great tool, when used appropriately. It’s  a good way to condense thoughts/ideas/questions into a 140 character limit. It’s great to find out what other students are doing around the world. Students can’t suggest people we follow, but as a teacher, I’ll have the final say. We’ll follow other classes like us from around the world.

We look forward to seeing where our Tweeting journey takes us.


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