Read Along and Enjoy

This week, we’re trying out some audiobooks on a site called Tumble Book Cloud. There are books ranging from graphic novels to classics. For homework this week, students chose a book to which they could “read along.”

Tumble Book Cloud

The books work on laptops but not iPads and iPhones, unfortunately. Students know the YIS username and password, and they say they’ve been enjoying them. What do you think students?

  • Tell us the title of the book that you “read along.”
  • Write a 3 sentence summary of the book (no more!)
  • What would you give the book out of 5 stars? 5 would be the best.
  • Why do you give it that rating.
  • Who would like this kind of book?
  • What did you think of reading along while an actor read the book?

We look forward to reading your comments!


5 thoughts on “Read Along and Enjoy

  1. Thank you for keeping us parents in the loop. It looks as if the students and class are doing some exciting things this year.

  2. The book that I read was called Goal Keeper in Charge. This was about a very ,very shy girl who decides to join the soccer team because it’s a team sport and she thinks she will fit in like everybody else. However, when she is playing the coach asks her to be the goalie and she doesn’t want to because she thinks the goal keeper gets a lot of the attention so she doesn’t want to do to it but everybody says she should to it so she does. Then she starts to get more attention but she starts to get used to it and likes it. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars because I think It should have a little more detail but overall it was really good. I think people who love soccer would love this book because it has a lot about soccer. I like that someone is reading to me because I feel like it helps me understand the book more than if I read it by myself because sometimes I rush to get done with the book
    The End

  3. The book I read is called Addison Addley and the things that aren’t there.

    The book was about addison making a speech about things that aren’t there. Before he says his speech someone has gone into the party room and stole some cookies and some badly made punch . However, on the day his speech words get all muddled up in his head. He finally remembers them and with a little bit of help from the meanest person in his grade, he completed his speech with a smile on his teachers face.

    I would give it a 3 because it was good at times but then bad at times.

    I think that most people who like books that come from the main characters perspective and are based on the same topic would like it.

    I liked the idea but it wasn’t working so well because the words and the pages kept on getting muddled up.

  4. A book that I’m reed called ‘spoil rotten’
    The book was about a girl who had stepmother and stepsister. But the girl dosen’t want stepmother and sister.She thought stepmother married with her father all because of a moterboat and canu so first she dosen’t like stepmohter and sister. But after she had a hard time with her family, soon she and her family got better and better so they had a happy ending.

    The thing that I most like about tumble book club was that you can reed a right level book for you and also a very different kind of books.

    The thing that I don’t like about tumble book club was the voice and letter went differently. And sometime the page got skip by no reson.

  5. I am reading the book called skate freak. This book is about a boy who used to live in a small city. That small city didnt have any skaters so he was the best.Later on in the book the boy moves in to another bigger city. Everything there is different. Soon he discovers that people are bullying him. Although I couldnt finish the book this book had a great beginning. There were many problems like when the book kept on skipping pages or they are saying the words infront of the highlight.
    Everything but these problems were okey. I thik this resource is very useful and helpful for begginers or people that cant find a book.

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