The Power of Play

What do you do when you find some huge boxes in the hallway that are about to be broken down and recycled? Grab them.

We spent some time last week playing and building with boxes. Students were divided into 4 groups, given one large box, some tape and asked to build anything.

What unfolded was great to see. Creativity unleashed. Teamwork. Lack of teamwork. Natural born leaders and some natural bosses. Some frustration, a need to make one’s voice heard. Focus. Sheer joy. What did you think, students?

Take a look:

It was loud. It was on the verge of out of control. But we realize how important it is to continue to play, create and to learn together. Most said it was their favorite activity that week. YuJin said: “This it the first time teamwork really worked.”

For more examples on the power of play, check out these videos:

And the video that made the rounds last year and brought Caine fame and fortune.

Caine’s Arcade:

Play: It’s powerful.


3 thoughts on “The Power of Play

  1. Looks like the creativity is high in class 5B.
    The Caine’s arcade video was really interesting and shows that if you believe in what you are doing and work hard you will be rewarded one way or the other.

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