Over the last few weeks, students have had been doing lessons with our tech facilitator and school counselor and have turned to cyberbullying. Cyberbullying, students have been realizing is bullying.

This video was made by Julynn and Elena. They took the initiative to create the video after a session on bullying. As a teacher, I didn’t even know they had done it because they had shared it with our tech facilitator and counselor. We looked at it today in class, and everyone was amazed.

What the video shows more than just fine video skills is initiative and action. The girls took action to make a spot about bullying. They did it independently and responsibly. Congrats to Julynn and Elena!

2 thoughts on “Cyberbullying

  1. This movie is very interesting, because it show what do cyber bully make at the end. But it did’t show us how to against to cyber bully. But it was still good acting and story.

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