Who We Are

What do we believe? What’s important to us? Why?

Our new unit ” Who We Are” began this week with a field trip to the elderly people’s home near school. Students asked the residents about their life and about things that were important to them.

Students loved hearing the older people talking about the war, wanting to study more and not able to. They listened as the residents told them about how they weren’t allowed to eat American food during the war or how they couldn’t go to school. The older people told them how important their family was. They listened to the older people give them advice:

  • Keep your body strong
  • Go outside and do sports
  • Do what you want to do when you are young
  • Study as much as you can
And students answered questions that fascinated the residents. How did they all get along when they were from so many countries?
For all, it seemed to be a good experience–of giving and sharing. We hope to be able to go back to the home to do an activity with the residents.

Who We Are: A Multigenerational Perspective on PhotoPeach


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