Beliefs Walkabout

This week, grade 5 went out on a walkabout around Yokohama. It was a beautiful sunny day, and we’re lucky to have such an interesting city for walking. Past graveyards, churches, laundry hanging outside small buildings and plants tucked into every nook and cranny. We walked through Chinatown with its shark fin soup restaurants, temples and dragons.

Over three hours, we walked and took thousands of photos. We stopped and talked about beliefs and why we have those beliefs–why others might have those beliefs. Back in class, we’ve been printing photos and startin to have some good discussions about them. It’s been a fascinating journey so far. Students, what did you think of our walk around Yokohama? What did you learn? Was there a new aha moment?


5 thoughts on “Beliefs Walkabout

  1. I learned so much from you all and our walk. I loved listening to beliefs you had–like about taking pictures at the graveyard and being clean. I loved watching you play and seeing you ask people at the temple why they held certain beliefs. Do you think it’s ok to have different beliefs?

  2. I was really surprise when everyone was praying and giving money for that stone!! Well, It was fun walking around and looking for different beliefs. I heard that there’s a lot of beliefs around shinto, Japan!!

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