Connections: Skyping with Australia

Skyping with an Australian class

Today, we got a chance to Skype with a Year 6 PYP class in Melbourne, Australia. They had questions about our lives in Japan and school. We got a chance to ask them about their lives and Australia. Students were interested in the fact it was an all-Jewish school and that they wore uniforms.

Dancing Gangnam style with students down under

Students talked with each other for 40 minutes and ended the call with a collaborative Gangnam Style dance. What did you think students?

32 thoughts on “Connections: Skyping with Australia

  1. What a great experience to talk by Skype with a class in Australia. We enjoyed learning something about your school, and it’s always good to see that people are the same everywhere. Next time, we might get the questions ahead of time so we can think about the answers. Gangnam style was fun!

  2. I think it was very fun. We asked each other questions and I learned that they like sushi too! I hope next time we could talk longer. Question. Why do some boys have hats and some boys don’t have hats?

  3. It was very fun and interesting to learn about what people do at other schools especially Australia and schools that aren’t in Asia. We asked questions and they answered and they asked questions and we answered. I would like to do this again!

  4. The Skype was really fun and now I know what their school is like. When we did Skype I thought their classroom was a little different then our classroom. In their school there was lot of jewish people.

  5. It was nice to talk and Skype with the other school. It was interesting since there were Jewish, and the boys had to where a cap on there heads. It was nice to find out what their school was like. I am jealous that they get to go bike riding.

  6. It was so fun. Asking and answering the questions was fun too. We asked about the unit about the school and Australia. At the end we danced and sang along to gangnam style! One of questions were what kind of food do you like to eat we all answered sushi! I hope we skype with them again.

  7. I think it was quite cool that there were mostly jewish people and that they wore small hats. I am jealous because they get to go bike riding as a school activity.

  8. I thought it was fun because we got to talk to people on the other side of the world. I still have questions about after-school activities.

  9. It was really really fun to Skype with other people in different place. Also I was proud because they know the Gangnam Style, and I translate the part of the lyrics. It was awesome to dance with them!!!! I hope I can Skype with them again.

  10. I enjoyed skyping the students in Australia.
    I also learned a lot of things like what they do after school or what sports they do or what they eat. I enjoyed doing the gandam style dance with the Australian Student the most. I never knew that they knew gandam style!

  11. I thought talking with the Australia was really neat because their class was different than ours. We learned that in Australia right now it is summer!!!!! So lucky!! It is almost the end of their school year. At their school they have to wear uniforms.They thought we were lucky because we didn’t have to wear any uniforms. The boys at the other school had to wear a little hat on their heads because they are at a Jewish school.It was so fun to Skype!!

  12. I really think it was fun that we get to know how they had it in Australia. They were good at asking questions about our school and how the weather was here. We were asking about how the school was there in Australia. They explained that they had a garden at school.

  13. When I was in grade 6 we communicated with students in Australia. They were called Pen Pals. We wrote actual letters. You know, with pencils and paper. We would put a 10 cent stamp on the envelope and send it off to Australia. Two months latter we would get a letter back saying how great it was to learn about someone in a differnet country. Not quite the same as SKYPE. I really enjoy reading your posts.

  14. It was great to see how much we have in common, I really liked the Gangnam style, it was great. During the skype call Jeremy and I were Tweeting some interesting facts about you. Our twitter account is

  15. Hi my name is Amanda,
    I really enjoyed skyping with you guys. It was really interesting that you don’t wear school uniform because we have to. I loved the Gangnam style at the end. We had so many connections that I did not realize. I really had a lot of fun and want to skype with you again.

  16. Hi Shion,
    I have an answer to your question. All Jewish boys and men have to wear kippahs(hats just some of the boys weren’t wearing them on Skype.

  17. It was really good to see what we had in common and what we had that was different. We learned lots of new things and had fun. My favroute part was singing and dancing to Gangnam Style at the end.

  18. Kelly,
    Our classroom looks different because we learn in a different environment. We have cushions to help make our learning relaxing. We really enjoyed skyoing with you! I learned that no matter how far away we are, we still can have many connections.

  19. Hi class in Japan my Name is Corey.
    I think that our skype session with you guys was really succesful and i would love to do it again.
    (P.S) The thing that the boys were wearing on there heads is called a kippa

  20. Hello 5B,
    I am part of the Australian class who skyped with all of you. I also found it interesting and i wish that we could Skype again. Jullian because you are still unsure of what we do after school we play sport and play musical instruments.

  21. hi my name is Matt,
    i am replying to vienna.
    you said that the skyping was very intersesting and i agree. you also said that some of the kids are jewish at our school and we have 1500 kids in our school from prep to year 12 and every single one of them is jewish.

  22. Hi my name is Timna, I was one of the students you skyped with from Australia. I also enjoyed talking too you guys I was so happy to see our similarities and differences. Shion asked “Why do some boys have hats and some boys don’t have hats?” In my religion all the boys wear hats that are known as ‘kippas’ they have to wear them throughout school and during prayers.

  23. Hi,My name Justin and I really enjoyed having the skype session with you. I found it really interesting about how much we had in common with you guys.

  24. Hi,
    Thank you for answering our questions!!
    The answer to Shion’s question is that they were meant to be wearing them and not all Jewish boys and men wear them. Jullian – what questions did you want to ask? If you want to ask any more questions just post them! I really enjoyed Gangnam Style at the end.
    Thanks again! 🙂
    Hope we can skype again!

  25. Hi!! Nice to meet you guys again. I’m Yu Jin and I’m the one who translated the Gangnam Style. I hope I can Skype with you guys again. bye~

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