A Green Inquiry

I’m still wondering if our action led to inquiry or vice versa? It started with plastic water bottles. The 10th graders at our school were selling them the last few weeks as part of a Business Studies project. Their point of sale happened to be right outside our elementary classrooms. I was appalled at their […]

Reading Thoughts

“Trust the books and get out of their way so they can teach.” ~Alan Purves I’ve been delving into reading lately. From our all-school reading focus this year to my PYP weekend workshop on reading and writing through inquiry, I’m immersed in reading. My students are back to reading every morning after a short hiatus […]

Ordering fractions

In math this semester, we have been studying fractions and really trying to understand them. What is a fraction? What can we fracture? Which is bigger? Smaller? How do we think about them? Here are some initial thoughts from students. How well do they explain their thinking? Hana C. and Julynn Fraction video – Hana […]