Travel Reviews on Trip Advisor

This year, after our great holiday break, we decided to do something a little different in grade 5. During holidays, we often use to help us figure out hotels, restaurants, etc…for our vacation. Students had just come back from some interesting places, so we decided why not?

Students wrote a travel review of a place they had visited: a hotel, restaurant, an attraction, and they posted it on tripadvisor. We critiqued the reviews before we posted and discussed what makes a good review. Trip Advisor checks the content, and students entered code names. The first reviews have been published. In fact, they seem to be moving much more quickly than the teacher’s travel review (which is still pending).

Here’s a sample. One traveler even found this helpful already!

Andreas’ review from Shanghai

One thought on “Travel Reviews on Trip Advisor

  1. Hi 5B,

    I’m a teacher at Kyoto International School, and I LOVE this idea!

    What a great way to share your holidays, as well as help the traveling community.

    Thank you!


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