Math Workshop Coming Up

Date: Monday – January 21, 2013
Time: 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Location: Loft
Michael is a specialist Mathematics consultant from Melbourne, Australia. He is involved in many professional development programs in schools across Australia and Asia.Michael is an enthusiastic and entertaining presenter who has a clear and practical approach to the challenges that confront schools and parents in mathematics. On this evening Michael will address the following issues:

What is my child learning in Mathematics?
How can I help my child become an efficient problem solver?
How do children best learn Mathematics?
How can parents promote quality thinking and learning?
How can I help my child in Mathematics?

After the success of last year’s well attended, informative, and fun parent workshop, Michael Ymer is back again to help parents understand the role of Mathematics in our everyday lives. He will also focus on helping parents in understanding the way Mathematics is taught in schools. He will, with true Australian humor and poise, help us uncover what inquiry is, how inquiry can help us all become better mathematicians and how parents can help their children to be natural mathematical inquirers at home.

To register for this event please email our elementary Mathematics Coordinator, David Goddard to confirm your attendance.


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