How Does Unfairness Lead to Conflict

Our unit: Sharing the Planet

How does unfairness or injustice lead to conflict? Add you comment below.

1. Give an example of unfairness or injustice from your own life or from the life of someone you know. How did it lead to conflict? Or could it have led to conflict?

2. Then, think outside of you personally and think about the world. How has unfairness led to conflict?

For some examples outside of your own life, check out some news sites:


CNN Student Edition

Time for Kids

First News UK


23 thoughts on “How Does Unfairness Lead to Conflict

  1. An example of a time that was unfair was when a boy in my class was telling me to do stuff for him. This was an unfair time because he was asking me to do stuff for him, when he should be doing his own things for himself. A time where it was unfair in the world was when Malala in Pakistan got shot for protesting for the right to go to school. I think it is unfair because every person in the world has the right to education.


  2. Kai and others to follow: How did these acts of unfairness lead to conflict? How could they have led to conflict? What do you think?

  3. An example of unfairness leading to conflict is when somebody punched me and did not say “Sorry”. This could have led to conflict because I could get really mad and punch then back and then start a fight.
    An example of unfairness in the world is when some countries were fighting over islands in the ocean. All of the countries thought it was unfair because they thought the islands belonged to them.

  4. An example of a time that wasn’t fair for me was when I was in team time and I needed to do lots of work on a scrap paper and the other people got to do anything they want on the computer.
    An example of a time that wasn’t fair in the world was when the East African people didn’t have any money to have the food to eat and don’t have any education and we get food whenever we want and we can study whenever we want.

  5. My example of unfairness was a time when I had to do all the work on a project because everyone else by playing. This might have led to conflict because I might have stopped doing work and leave the rest of it to the others, but they will say that its not fair….and lead to an argument.
    An example of unfairness in the world is some countries have a rule that girls are not allowed to go to school. I think this is not fair because everyone has the right to education.

  6. One unfairness was when i Borrowed out my iPad to my brother in almost 2 months and he not even lend a pencil to me. I think one injustice was When the black people gould not swimm with white and not goo in to some stors.

  7. How did these acts of unfairness lead to conflict?
    The Taliban believed that women didn’t have the right to go to school. Malala believed that everyone has the right to an education. So Malala protested for the right to go to school, but the Taliban didn’t like that. These two views are in opposition to each other, and you can’t believe these two things at the same time.In Pakistan its not a 100% peaceful society, so disagreements can lead to violence.

    What do you think?
    I think everyone has the right to an education including women. I believe that people can have different beliefs from others, but I don’t think these problems should lead to violence.

  8. AT HOME.
    When my sister gets something and I don’t, I usually snatch it from her and that is how conflicts start in my house.
    Wars usually happens when one country doesn’t give something and then the two countries fight until one gets it or keeps it. Also wars start when one country wants to take a part of another country and they don’t agree on it.
    This effects people because people get hurt for something they aren’t part of.

  9. At my house, my father gets what he wants for dinner sometimes. And I really don’t get to chose.
    At school some kids bully me but I just act normal.

  10. A example of a unfair situation leading to conflict could be when some people don’t have the same rights as other people, that is unfair and it could lead to conflict which has happened in countries like Africa. A unfair situation that I have is when my brother tells me to go get something but he could to do it himself and also he never does that to me and that is unfair.

  11. When my team were playing a soccer match in Jakarta. The boy tackle me from behind and randomly swore at me for no reason and the whole team got involved. But it wasn’t that bad and if the mangers stopped us it would probably lead to conflict.

  12. An example of an unfair situation which happened between my sister an I is when my sister and I were fighting against a computer because when I was small, I didn’t have a computer back then and so we were fighting against the computer and who would watch YouTube first. But then as the years past by I eventually got my computer so I could use it without having to fight with her.

    To the world, I believe a conflict was when Germany’s leader Hitler, wanted to take over the whole world but Great Britain tried to stop them so eventually countries started to team up with Great Britain so that created world war 1.

  13. The time that was unfair is when a girl in my school did not trust me and when it was my turn she sat down but then I got a lot of point she pretended she never sat down. After I told her she pretended that she never sat down.

  14. This is an example about unfairness that in Syria that the innocent kids babies and adults get killed for no reason at all just because of the civil war in Syria.

  15. 1. Give an example of unfairness or injustice from your own life or from the life of someone you know. How did it lead to conflict? Or could it have led to conflict?

    In my case my sister gets her way when she dose not want to do anything that is not fun or what she hates. and if I say a word that she did not like she just start singing the song that I hate. and she always says thing that she know that she will annoy me…
    in Egypt the people are having a demo because there government is getting power but not asking people what they want.

    the URL is

  16. Unfairness can lead to conflict when somebody gets angry because they are not equally treated. When one of my parents get to have a snack when I’m really hungry, a conflict starts because I don’t get a snack. In the outside world, an example would be the Diaoyu Islands, the Japanese trying to take away the archipelago while China owns it. It is now a major conflict.

  17. 1.An example of the time when I was feeling unfair was when I hade a soccer match, and other team all had a tall and big boys in their team, but the rule was to make a team with girls and boys. This could lead to the conflict because of course they won the game in not fair way.

    2. A citizenes of North Korea cannot have a freedom to go to other countries or leave in other countries because of the way that their government rules the country is different them most of the other countries.
    I think that’s very unfair because North Korea is very poor, so citiznes might want leave in other countries. Also, this can lead to conflict when the citizenes get up and against the government.

  18. A example of unfairness is Malala being shot. This was unfair because she did not do anything bad but protested to say girls should ave school.

  19. An example of when it was unfair for me is when my friend wouldn’t let me leave from his house and then it ended up to turn into conflict and he started punching me.

    An example of a world situation is when two soccer teams in egypt had a conflict because one of the teams scored a unfair goal and the whole crowd came onto the pitch and started to attack the players and each other in total 72 people were killed and a lot of people were injured.

  20. An example of an time when I was it was unfair is in class when I was listening to the teacher. The person next to me was not listening to the teacher. The teacher thought I was not listening and got angry at me. I tried to say to the teacher it is not me that is not listening. The teacher ignored me. I thought that is not fair because, I was listening to the teacher but the teacher thought I’m not listening and got angry at me.

  21. We are a Grade 5 class at AISDHaka, and we just finished a unit titled “Cause for Conlict” where we inquired into conflicts around natural resources. Here are some answers to your question:
    – Everyone wants the same thing that other people have, so when you don’t get what other people have, that leads to conflict.
    – If someone has more than you do, it causes conflict because you feel like you should have the same thing (thinking of resources that are not equally distributed)

  22. In Egypt last week there were demonstrations against the new Government. I think democrasy came too quickly and Egyptians want too much too quickly. To have a better life you need to be patient as changes take a while to take place.

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