Students Take Action

Action is underway already in 5B. Vienna, Shion and Wonkyung had an idea to help animals. Vienna loves animals and was talking to her mom about how she could help. We had been watching some videos of inspiring kids who took action from a passion that they had. The girls were inspired by a video, […]

Passion Hour

Today, we continued to dig into Exhibition by spending some time thinking about something we’ve been wanting to think about but didn’t have time. We’re calling it Passion Hour. Actually, it’s more like three hours. The goal: Create or inquire into something you really want to know. Time: 3 hours this week What can students do: Anything […]

A Trip to Ikea

As much as possible, we try to do authentic math inquiry, and shopping seemed like a perfect way to do it. The PTSA granted each classroom money to enhance reading areas, and the goal was to have students involved in the process. We began by thinking about what we wanted in a reading area and […]


This week Julynn finished up our video for One Day on Earth. Students took all of the photos on 12.12.12, and they compiled everything into this video of one day at school. We are also trying to get other schools to join us for a project called One Day in School where schools take photos […]

Skyping with NIST in Thailand

Over the past few weeks, students have been skyping with the New International School in Thailand year 6 students (grade 5). They are beginning a relationship that will take them through the Exhibition. Students have found out a little about each other, what life is like in different countries and have discussed things they hold […]