Skyping with NIST in Thailand

Over the past few weeks, students have been skyping with the New International School in Thailand year 6 students (grade 5). They are beginning a relationship that will take them through the Exhibition. Students have found out a little about each other, what life is like in different countries and have discussed things they hold in common. As we move closer to Exhibition, students will share their journey, their interests, their challenges and their passion.

As this week is Digital Citizenship Week at YIS, students have been thinking about how they communicate on Skype. They’ve reflected on their conversations and have made some suggestions and come up with ideas to make it better. This week, they’ll talk to their partners in Thailand about how they can be good citizens on Skype.

See their comments on the NIST blog.


One thought on “Skyping with NIST in Thailand

  1. I really enjoyed watching the assembly today and seeing how the skype developed into a great way of sharing ideas and learning with the year 6 at NIST. Well done grade 5
    Mr Laverick.

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