A Trip to Ikea

As much as possible, we try to do authentic math inquiry, and shopping seemed like a perfect way to do it.

The PTSA granted each classroom money to enhance reading areas, and the goal was to have students involved in the process.

We began by thinking about what we wanted in a reading area and then planning a trip to Ikea. Students wanted a personal space for reading, some more comfortable pillows, a rug that wasn’t so old and chairs where they could sit and small tables.

Students planned the train and bus travel, figured out money everyone needed for lunch and had a list of items they agreed they wanted. We headed to Ikea Tuesday and had a great time shopping. They had calculators, measuring tape and constantly thought about their budget.

When we returned with furnishings, the students all put everything together. They didn’t follow directions, but jumped in and put together stools, tables and lamps. Everyone is excited by their reading space, their secret tent and our new class pet, Auggie.



17 thoughts on “A Trip to Ikea

  1. What I really liked about seeing you all plan the reading area is that you were talking number and measurement and not even thinking about it. I also liked how we planned transportation and had to use Japanese to get us through and fix our mistakes. I liked having you all come back and put everything together. It was fun watching you. Of course, I also like having the reading spaces and was excited to come today and see the spaces. If we had to do it again, I would give us more practice collecting a bunch of things (like furnishings) because that took a while.

  2. Planning a Ikea trip was fun because we had to think what we will chose between money and time. Also we had to think what time do we have to leave from school and from Ikea. One good thing abou the planning was that we could buy things that we like. If I can do this again, I hope we buy things that we really need instead of thing that make our class room too squishy and also wasting money.

  3. I think planning a reading area was a little bit hard because we had to measure and we had to go to class rooms to check on some stuff but I think we did a great job on planning. The good thing about the planning & Ikea trip was we could choose what we wanted to get & we could see the displays and we could see what we want. I were to choose something to change is bringing a map because are group got lost so, next time we should of brought a map but overall it was fun:)

  4. I didn’t go to Ikea, but I helped planning and it was fun! I was in the food group, and so we went on the Ikea homepage, and searched for foods and prices. We made all the data into a list.

  5. I was in the furnishing group and I think it was good but before I bought stuff I saw this 9,990 yen chair that I really wanted but when i went to IKEA I saw the chair and it was very small so I think before buying stuff, It is better if you look at it first.
    The thing that was good about the IKEA trip was that the lunch was very cheap and also very good. I really enjoyed the lunch 🙂
    I won’t really change the things I did because I really enjoyed the IKEA trip.

  6. A1. It was really fun about what we are going to get for our reading space. Like carpets, pillows and Lamps

    A2. I think lots of us got a good math practice with calculating we were going to buy.

    A3. I think we should go with a school bus. Because, we were really loud at the Kikuna station.

    Vienna 5B

  7. Planning the Ikea trip was exiting because we were wondering what we should buy. We had to add up all the money to buy and think about spending 30,000 yen. At first, I thought we wouldn’t have enough money to buy stuff but I realized we had quite a lot. We succeded on spending money. We should have planned the transportation better next time.

  8. I think it was fun to finde thinks to are reading area. The planing was fun to finde the trains and the times when IKea opens.

    I don’t want to change anything because it was fun the be whit my friends and finding thinks.

  9. I thought it was fun and we learned a lot.
    We learned that we couldn’t afford really neat things.
    We could use up all the money because we had 1300 yen left.

  10. I think the plan went good because we communicated good.
    the good thing about planing this was that We had time to spened with other people

  11. I think the reading area is good but we should put everything in one corner and not spread them out. I think that one of the good things was the groups and how fast we went through ikea. I think we could of planned the train tickets better than we did before.

  12. We had to plan the food, transportion and furnitures for our trip to IKEA. I think our reading area has expanded and has improved in the past day when we went to IKEA.
    Finding out the menu was good so we knew what we were going to eat.

    The good thing about going to IKEA was that we got a rug that was a comfy rug and a cheap, stable lamp.

    If I could change anything, I would of get more bulbs.

  13. I think the trip to Ikea was really fun because we got to plan a new reading area!! I think planning a reading area was really fun because we got to pick out our own furnishings for our room. I think one good thing that happened was that we all got the stuff we wanted. If we went again I wouldn’t change anything!!

  14. I thought it will be cool made a reading area. I liked going on a trip on my birthday. If we did it again, I would get more stools.

  15. I think it was fun to plan a reading area. I think we are lucky to already have a reading area because then we could make another reading area.

    A good think about this project is that now we have lots of comfort and we even have a class dog named Auggie! we named him Auggie because it is the main-character of a book we read as a class called, WONDER.

    If I could do it again I would bring a map of IKEA to IKEA, because then we could find our way faster and the shopping would be quicker.

  16. I think that planning a reading area was a really good idea because before there was only 1 reading area and only a few people could go there and the other people had to sit on their chairs but now there are 2 more reading areas so most people can sit in a reading area now.
    One good thing about planning a trip to Ikea was that we worked together hard so that this trip would be a success and it was!
    1 thing that I would change if I could do it again is to go to the restaurant earlier because it was bussy when we went and we had to line up for about 10 minutes to get our food.

  17. The best part of viewing your trip to IKEA was you, the class. Your thought processes, your examination of the products and prices, your imagination in planning the reading area. The way you worked together is commendable. Thanks for sharing.

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