Passion Hour

Taking apart a computer

Today, we continued to dig into Exhibition by spending some time thinking about something we’ve been wanting to think about but didn’t have time.

We’re calling it Passion Hour. Actually, it’s more like three hours.

The goal: Create or inquire into something you really want to know.

Time: 3 hours this week

What can students do: Anything they are excited about and want to learn more about.

We differentiated between “free time” and inquiry time where they can look into their own ideas and investigate what they want.

We were inspired by Google, Apple and now LinkedIn who give time to their employees to create. See Wired magazine’s article about this:

We were inspired by this video introducing Genius Hour (we’re calling it passion hour). Thank you to Gallit Zvi:

We also watched the Ellen show about young inventors. Students were beginning to get ideas.

Some initial planning and students were off exploring. By Friday, students will present their inquiries. They’re pulling apart computers and calculators (all old ones), searching out things they can do with felt and yarn, starting a novel, figuring out how to make a stop-motion movie.

We all can’t wait to learn more.



16 thoughts on “Passion Hour

  1. Please let us know what you’re exploring for your passion hour! What do you think of this project? Thanks for sharing.
    Mrs. Blum

  2. For passion hour I am taking apart a calculator, and try put it back together. I am doing this because I want to find out whats inside a calculator.

  3. My passion is creating things with felt, wool, and yarn. I am now working on making a bag and making a stuffed animal. I think that passion time is a good thing to do because you could concentrate and you could even make something that could be useful on Exhibition

  4. I am researching some gymnastics grading, 2012 national olympic gymnasts and I am trying to make a video which is stop motion.

  5. I took a part a computer with david. I thought this was unique because I liked learning about things I have never learned before. I thought this was a good opportunity for us to do anything we want to.

  6. My Passion is writing and for passion hour I am thinking of starting off my novel. I think passion hour is a great time because you get to know your passion.

  7. For the Passion Hour I am exploring new tricks for that I can do for gymnastics. I think that Passion Hour is a good idea so that people could explore what they really like since they might now be able to explore their passion at home or free time. I would like to keep doing Passion Hours.

  8. I’m making a stop motion with some other boys in my class. It’s about a ball having a adventure. We took pictures and made it into a slide show kind of thing.

  9. In my passion hour I am researching about animals and shelters. I think passion hour is a great time. Because, in your passion hour you can explore or research your passion!

    Vienna 5B

  10. I am doing a pencil airplane wat flys an a sling shot.
    I fink the passion hour is fun because you can do wat ever you wont to du.

  11. for my passion hour I am making a aeroplane with julian using wood. we are going to make it so it can be shot by a sling shot. i think that we should do passion hour more often because it gives us a chance to explore what we like.

  12. For my passion hour, I made a piano with a box because my passion is piano. Also, I’m making a stop motion about my friend in school. I thinkg passion hour is very useful because I can do anything that I wanted to do before.

  13. it was good to see you as an active blogger with so many followers esplly fogierners..keep it up..I have been to your blog several times but was too lazy to comment then.. Wasnt spending too much time online as on i will keep visiting you to learn more and more..couching work with rimzim nd zardosi threads are amazing nd impressing!!for going forward i might need your help…

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