Students Take Action

Vienna, Shion, Wonkyung, Hana C., and YuJin

Action is underway already in 5B. Vienna, Shion and Wonkyung had an idea to help animals. Vienna loves animals and was talking to her mom about how she could help. We had been watching some videos of inspiring kids who took action from a passion that they had.

The girls were inspired by a video, unrelated, about boys who really wanted to play soccer so they built themselves a soccer pitch.

Vienna and her group thought, “we want to do something too.”

So, they found a shelter for animals and discovered what they needed. The shelter is a local one, and they need blankets and warm things for the dogs as well as dog food and money to help buy supplies.

The original three girls have grown into a group of 5 including Hana C. and YuJin.

They are knitting scarves and bracelets to sell and asking people to donate blankets and money for dogs. They’ll present their idea at assembly tomorrow, have a donation box set up, and it’s already jingling with change.

Great action inspired by passion!

Here’s the video that inspired them:


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