Student-Led Conference

Thanks parents for joining us for Student-Led conferences. We could tell the students are excited about their passion journey and know quite a bit already. It was nice to hear students telling parents what they knew and explaining their process of choosing their passion. It was also great to hear so many different languages flowing […]

Effective Action

The PET water bottle sales, now ice cream sales, has taught all of us some lessons. This is a story with a really nice ending. What started as 5B’s outrage against a group selling water bottles, in our land of too much plastic and good fresh water, has now turned into some great life lessons. […]

Day Two of the Water Bottle Protest

Day Two of the PET Water Bottle Protest. Here’s how it unfolds. 8:45 a.m.: Recap of yesterday’s protest. Students immediately all speaking at once. Once calm, I ask who wants to do it today. More hands shoot up. 8 of them want to go out today at recess. 9:45: Prepare more signs for water bottle protest. We […]

Who Says We Can’t Change the World

5B are feisty and determined, and this week they showed it as they took to protesting water bottle sales at our school. A group of grade 10 students chose to sell water bottles as their Business Studies project, and 5B didn’t like it. In December, students made a presentation to the Business Studies class about […]

World Read Aloud Day

What a fun day filled with read alouds from so many people. This morning, we started with some silent reading. We then moved on to some World Maths Day activities and then back to reading with David’s mom, Ms. Denkert. She read to the class in Swedish, which was a good experience for all of […]

Inquiry Leads to Protest

Today, students took their action to the streets–well the streets of Yokohama International School. In December, right before the holidays, students in my grade 5 class followed their heart and inquired into plastic water bottle sales that were happening at school. The high school Business Studies class students were selling water bottles to make money. […]

Great site for Exhibition

We just found a great site that will be of use in our PYP Exhibition. It’s a site called DIY or Do It Yourself. It’s made for kids through adults and has a lot of projects and skills to learn. There are videos teaching you how to do anything from programming a computer to making […]

Genius/Passion Hour Part I

This week it unfolded. Passion…geniuses…or a combination of both? We kicked off our IBPYP Exhibition these last few weeks in grade 5 at Yokohama International School. Our idea is to have the kids explore their passions and interests  under the theme of “How We Express Ourselves.”  Passions and beliefs lead to further inquiry and stimulate […]